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Online marketing is an essential part of every growing business.

A key way to monitor success is by viewing website statistics. If the business doesn't have access to information about the visitors coming to their website, they're missing out on essential data important to growing the company. Google Analytics is a commonly used website statistics tool and it is very useful for understanding what happens on a business website.  It can tell you a great deal of information about what web pages were the most visited, how long users spent on a page, if they left the website from that page, and what site they were on immediately before coming to your website, and much, much more!

In reality, the amount of information available in Google Analytics can be overwhelming.  There are so many items you can review and so many statistics within each section that many business marketers aren't sure where and what to view.  Add to that the fact that most business marketers or owners are busy with many other tasks in running their business and it's common that reviewing website stats is missed or overlooked.  The danger in this is that key trends on the site can be missed, such as a web page that is becoming much more popular signaling a rise in interest for a certain product, or the significant growth of mobile visitors to the site which can be important to know if your site is not mobile friendly.

Quill Engage to the Rescue

This is where Quill Engage comes in! Quill Engage is a online software product from the team at Narrative Science.  It reviews all the data in Google Analytics and narrows down all the numbers to actionable insights, basically giving you just what you need in a simple report.  Quill also takes away the confusion by providing website insight summaries in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner.  The tool is extremely easy to setup and there is a free version available that I have tested and found to be quite robust and more than adequate for your average small business.

To setup Quill Engage, a website manager simply goes to the website,, and clicks on the button to start running reports.  You are prompted to login to your Google Analytics account, and then give the needed permissions for Quill to access your Analytics and read the data.  Once connected, Quill immediately goes to work and you can setup a weekly or monthly email report to be sent directly to you, or generate a report right there on the spot.

 Quill Engage Talks in a Language You Understand

Quill Engage doesn't present the business with unexplained numbers and statistics. Instead, it uses an algorithm to analyze the data and report it to you in plain language. The relevancy of each set of statistics is explained in a way that is understandable to the business. There's no ambiguity as to what a particular measuring metric means, as Quill works hard at simple answers you can easily understand. After explaining what the numbers mean, it goes on to explain how your business can improve these numbers and what improvements will.

website stats

It's easy to jump between Quill Engage and your Google Analytics account. All statistics are linked directly to Google Analytics, so you can look at the numbers directly there. As you use Quill Engage and learn about the statistics, you can make the Analytics account work better for your business. Quill also looks at Google Adwords, so if your company needs help working with their paid search engine marketing, the insights help them develop those campaigns.

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Quill Engage does a good job at explaining why changes may happen, not just what happened with the numbers. Quill works well for getting companies up to speed on relevant metrics in their website statistics suite.

website stats 3

All in all, this is an incredibly useful free tool for any business seeking more information about their website and its visitors!  Add to that the convenience of setting yourself up to get a weekly and monthly email report mailed to you, and you've gained insight with efficiencies! Think of it as the "executive summary" with the notes that you need.


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