Why I published a Leadership Devotional

A leadership devotional what?

My leadership devotional is a 30 day guide that you read daily.  Basically, there is a short topic each day about leadership and it has some key points for reflection and a biblical Scripture reference you can look up for further study.  The goal is to help the reader to reflect and sharpen their leadership skills.

However, the question remains, why would you publish this Mike?

Why I published a leadership devotional

I typically write on digital marketing and social media topics.  All of these are practical and somewhat technical in nature related to the online marketing and web arenas.  However, my premise always is that people do business with people, and therefore backing up to the 30,000 view it comes down to your interactions with people...and leadership.

So I dive into the "why" of a leadership devotional in this podcast and give you a quick peek at a few of the topics I cover.

Ready to dive in?

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Why I published a Leadership Devotional - Video Podcast

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7 Reasons I published a Leadership Devotional

So why did I publish a leadership devotional when I focus on marketing, social media, and web development?  Because each of these involves people at the core, and leadership is the opportunity to influence in a positive way and to add value in any sphere we relate to others in,  including marketing, social media, web development, non-profits, for-profits, and our families.

Let me dive deeper into my reasons...

1. Leadership is influence

I believe that with leadership we can influence, and influence is a way to add value.

I do not believe we are here by random chance or that we have no purpose other than what we try to create. We have a purpose and a role to play and it always includes adding value to others.  We win when others win so we need to be aware of our ability to influence and use it for the greatest good in our businesses and organizations.

2. A Devotional is a way to focus

As noted a devotional is intended to be something you do daily, in this case for 30 days!  They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit so in 30 days you can develop improved leadership habits and the art of reflection.

The unexamined life is not worth living!  That's a great quote I've heard and it has value.  I've pitched my podcast as a chance to stop, reflect, set a game plan, and then go and make improvements to your business to win the game in the second half.

So it is with a devotional.  It allows you to stop, reflect on what and why, and through that reflection you can learn and improve going forward.  That's my add value to thousands, by enabling them to stop, reflect, learn, and go forward better, wiser, and more capable as leaders.

3. Short is sweet!

You are busy!  I know that. I am too.  This is intended for the busy marketplace person.  You can spare 10 minutes a day and this is all you need.

I wrote this intentionally to be be able to be ready daily within 5 minutes and then you can spend 5 looking up the Bible reference and reflecting on the devotion for that day.  You can even write notes in the devotional!

Take 10 minutes to stop, go deeper, and you can go forward a better leader that makes better decisions in life and business.  Isn't that good business?

4. Leadership is a skill, not simply a genetic trait

Sometimes the question of whether leaders are "born" or "made" comes up for debate.  I'm not here to debate it, I'm here to tell you we all have a skillset given to us by birth but we are responsible to develop it and see our potential realized.

And leadership is part of this.  No matter your gifts, you need to develop your leadership skills and have them improve.  To be stagnant is to regress in leadership and influence.  Leaders need to be ever-growing and have "learners" mentality.

5. Great businesses have great leadership

This devotional adds value because leaders want to learn, grow, and contribute.

Show me an organization that last and that performs at a high level and I will show you an organization with very good leadership.  Businesses may pop up fast and have a season of growth but they can't sustain it without good leadership.

Why do companies have high turnover?  It is usually able to be linked back to the leadership and decisions that leadership provides.

6. High Performing Teams are not random creations

Again, a great performing team is not by happenstance and random big bangs.  It is from effort, dedication, and intentional leadership that seeks the greater good of the team and customers.  It takes regular, sustained effort to provide leadership, connect with teams, and empower your team to support customers.  This is not random, it takes diligence and effort.  It takes study and reflection, and this leadership devotional provides the opportunity for that.

7. I want to contribute

My goal in life is to add value and to do that I need to contribute, and contribute in uncommon ways.  This devotional fits the mission!

I've had multiple forms of leadership roles over the past 25 years and I've learned from the good and the bad.  I've made mistakes and I believe I learn from them and improve.  And my aim is to pass on some of what I've learned to help others.

I've led businesses, teams, small groups, ministries, organizations and more over the past 25 years. Along the way I picked up a M.S. in Organizational Development and Leadership as well.  I don't know it all for sure, but I have picked up some things and want to pass those on.

Topics covered in the Leadership Devotional:

  • Decision Making
  • Handling Negative Attacks
  • Dealing with Crisis Situations
  • Providing Vision and Direction
  • Caring for People
  • The importance of listening skills in leadership
  • Getting Stuff Done via Empowerment
  • Caring is Leading


Read a sample day devotional and get the purchase link on Amazon at

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