5 Proven Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Engagement Rate

Proven Instagram Hacks

Are you marketing your business on Instagram? Maybe you want to reach influencer status in your community.  What are you doing to boost your engagement rate? If you're scratching your head wondering what an "engagement rate" is, the answer to the question is that you are probably not doing enough, right?  If so, it's time to use some proven Instagram hacks.

Engagement should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and goals on the IG platform. Without engagement, you don't have any attention. It doesn't matter how great you think your posts are. If they don't receive any likes, comments, or shares, there's no point in posting, wouldn't you agree?

We curated this list of five actionable and proven Instagram hacks to get you more engagement on the IG platform and the best chance of seeing your content go viral. Sound good? Alright, let's dive in!

  1. Use Several Content Formats

Instagram has several content formats available to creators. Stories, reels, videos, image-based posts, carousels, sponsored ads, IGTV, and highlights are a few popular options for gaining traction with your content strategy on the IG platform.

Use a good mix of these methods to attract attention and keep your audience from getting bored with your content strategy. We recommend dropping a story every day, along with a Reel. Post an image once or twice weekly, and use IGTV to promote your live events. Carousels are great for promoting sponsored posts.

  1. Use the Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Ensure you're using a business account on Instagram. Business accounts receive access to the Instagram analytics dashboard. The analytics dashboard displays interesting engagement metrics like follower locations and demographics such as their interests, gender, age, income, and more.

Analyzing this data helps you design your content strategy to cater to your audience. The more you give people what they want to see, the better your engagement rate and the better the chance of your content going viral in your target audience.

  1. Grow Instagram Likes

Likes are a crucial engagement metric on IG. The algorithm looks at how people engage with your posts to determine if your content adds value to your community. If it notices users liking your posts, it assumes it's worth placing your content on the "Explore" page. Landing on the explore page gives you the best chance of seeing your content go viral.

However, when you're starting out on Instagram, it can take months to build your account to a stage where you're receiving 50 to 100 likes on your posts. Fortunately, we can show you how to buy Instagram likes in 2022, giving you the fast track to massive engagement with your content strategy and the chance of seeing your content land on the Explore page. 

Proven Instagram Hacks

  1. Use Different Methods to Interact with Your Community

While posting content on your account is vital to success, you can leverage other people's audiences as one of the top emerging proven Instagram hacks. Look for influencers in your niche with audiences of 5,000 to 25,000 followers. These creators will likely offer influencer marketing services for affordable rates. Influencers can promote your account, content, products, and services for a fee.

In most cases, the fees can range from $50 to $1,000, depending on your required service. Using this marketing medium, you extend your reach to the influencer's audience, attracting new followers to your account. Ensure you stick to "micro-influencer" accounts. Working with larger profiles costs a fortune and doesn't offer much advantage over using micro-influencers for your strategy.

  1. Listen to Your Audience

Many marketers make the mistake of producing content they think is right for their brand instead of analyzing how their market perceives their content strategy. This mistake can cost your engagement. Posting and hoping for the best is a haphazard way of using your time and marketing budget on the platform.

You have a better chance of reaching new audiences meaningfully if you understand what they use IG for and what content they engage with on the platform. Use the analytics dashboard as one of the proven Instagram hacks to monitor comments on your captions and conversations with your followers.

  • Understand the needs and behavior of your followers.
  • Tailor your content strategy to what matters to your followers.

By reviewing what your audience does with their time on Instagram, you have a better chance of serving them content that inspires engagement. Put these proven Instagram hacks to work and watch your engagement go through the roof.

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