Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog: Should You Be a Dog Owner?

Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog: Should You Be a Dog Owner

Researching and weighing the pros and cons of owning a dog is an intelligent strategy to know whether to get one. Should I get a dog? There are benefits of having a dog, so some people adopt them even if it’s not entirely convenient. Others find that taking care of a dog is more than they can handle.

Let’s first take a look at the pros of dog ownership.

Pros Of Owning A Dog

Dogs Give Additional Security

Dogs smell, hear, and see better. They are mobile intruder detectors with barks and bites that can deter a mugger or trespasser. Bully breeds, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, and Rottweilers are excellent guard dogs. They are vigilant, protective, and vocal, such as. The least suitable ones for guarding are the small and extra-friendly ones.

There are many dog breeds—some are good guard dogs, while others accept strangers. Know the characteristics of the dog breed before getting one.

border collie

Dogs Provide Physical And Mental Health Benefits

Dogs are good guards—that much is obvious. The lesser-known pros about dogs are that they are good for our health.

Physical Health

People who take care of dogs are four times more likely to meet their physical activity requirements. They are more likely to be active when the dogs are high-energy breeds, such as Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, and Siberian Huskies.

Because dogs encourage their owners to be more active, those with dogs have a decreased risk of developing heart problems and are less likely to succumb to them. This is true even for those who have experienced heart attacks before.

Mental Health

Being with dogs can reduce anxiety and stress. Interestingly,  petting dogs decreases stressful symptoms and improves mood. Dogs can help people with PTSD cope better, increase sociability, and improve the cognitive ability of seniors with mental illness.

Dogs are good for their owners' physical and mental health. They will look after their masters in gratitude for their care.

Dogs Are Great Companions

Most dogs are naturally friendly to people because they were bred to work and live alongside humans throughout history. Some breed types were created to just serve as good companions, such as toy dogs and companion dogs.

Some dogs are great for families. Some of them are quite good with children because they protect them. Because of their good nature, they can play with kids and look after them at the same time.

Dogs can be great exercise partners. If you live with an energetic dog, you will always have someone for company for physical activities. However, energy levels may land on both pros and cons of a dog lists depending on whether you like being active or not.

Dogs Increase Attractiveness

According to a study, owning a dog increases men’s attractiveness among women because it signals nurturing qualities. Similarly, a study revealed that men generally perceive women with dogs as more approachable, but it will depend on the dog breed.

Even if these studies do not reveal everything about increasing attractiveness, bringing a dog with you can give plenty of opportunities for a stranger to open up a stimulating conversation. At the very least, you will get used to having a companion, which could make you more sociable.

own a dog

Cons of Owning a Dog

Let’s now discuss the disadvantages of having a dog. Many people dislike having a dog because they simply don’t like them. Other than that, there are several good reasons to not get a dog.

Dogs Involve Additional Expenses

Owning a dog means spending on food, treats, beds, toys, collars and leashes, veterinary care, lab tests, vaccines, medication, grooming, pet sitters, and dog trainers. This can amount to $125 to $824 per month or $1,500 to $9,900 per year.

Not only that, but sometimes, you have to pay to repair or replace items that your dog breaks. You may have to pay for cleaning expenses if you can’t clean up after your dog yourself.

If you travel with your dog, you will spend on transportation fees. Some airlines charge $100 to $125 for a one-way domestic flight for a dog. Are you planning on taking a vacation? You will have to include your dog in the budget.

However, one thing that can make traveling with your furry friend easier is finding a dog-friendly hotel. Fortunately, many hotels in the west cost, for example in San Diego and other popular tourist destinations are happy to accommodate pets.

Dogs are serious investments. If you don’t think you can afford the lifetime costs of a dog, think twice about getting one.

Dogs Require Attention and Care

Dogs are like children, and you must give them what they need. This means providing them not only with what they need to survive, such as healthy food, clean water, a secure shelter, and others, but also mentally stimulating activities and lots of affection.

You can’t leave a dog alone for a long time. Dogs need to socialize, and when left alone, they tend to develop separation anxiety. A dog’s maximum time alone should be only six to eight hours.

Find a reliable individual to take care of your dog when you are away for more than eight hours. When selecting a pet sitter, consider Kip's dog daycare services for a trustworthy caretaker who will ensure your pet is well looked after. They should come from a reputable company. Ask for referrals from those you know, including the vet or dog trainer. Interview the sitter and ask for qualifications and references.

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Taking Care of a Dog is Time Consuming

It will take at least an hour or two a day to take care of a dog. You will spend this time feeding dogs, bringing them to the vet, taking care of them when they’re sick, playing with them, toilet training them, cleaning up, and so on.

Like taking care of children, you need to research many things, which will eat up your free time. You may find yourself asking how to stop a dog from digging in the middle of the night, for example. Or, you might search for dogs' pros and cons when having second thoughts.

Parting With Dogs Can Be Heart-Wrenching

You will have to say farewell to your dog at some point because dogs live shorter lives than humans (eight to eleven years on average), with small dogs living longer than larger dogs.

They may also suffer illnesses and accidents, or you may have to let go of a dog because you have to move somewhere that is not dog-friendly.

Evaluate the pros and cons of having a dog and its emotional impact before bringing one home. Losing a dog can cause separation pain. It can impair physical and emotional health, and grieving can last from a month to a full year. Despite this, it can make your life more meaningful.

Dog and owner

Is a Dog Right for Me?

Answering this question involves asking yourself, “Do I need security and companionship? Am I willing to take on extra responsibilities?” It also includes asking what kind of dog you want and learning about particular dog breed pros and cons.

Note that reading about the pros and cons of having a dog may not be enough to help you decide, so it’s better to observe and interview dog owners to know what it’s like to have one. Spend some time interacting with dogs so you know what to expect if you have one in your home permanently.

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