Motley Fool's Millionacres Review

Motley Fool's Millionacres Review

In contemporary times, real estate has proven to be one of the best investments. Despite its advantages, it doesn't seem easy because we think of real estate as being a landowner or possessing an apartment.

A question that bothers the mind is how does one make profits from the opportunities real estate provides?

Investors could carry out their own research or depend on a platform like Motley fool's millionacres. It is a platform that specializes in everything real estate.

This review explains everything you need to know about this real estate investment service, including the benefits of the different services.

What is Motley Fool?

Motley Fool is an investment research company providing investment recommendations and analysis of various assets to interested investors. Motley Fool is well known for its subscriptions, including Stock Advisors and Rule Breakers.

These services offer interested investors an in-depth look into new stocks monthly. Also, with various tools, you can build a great stock portfolio.

Additionally, Motley Fool offers premium investment research, multiple targeted products, low prices (especially promotions), and transparency. It is also known for its great track record of not placing newer products lacking credibility on its platform.

Its reputation precedes it, thanks to its subscription, which provides in-depth analysis and research for investors.

What is Motley Fool's Millionacres?

As a diversification into real estate research, Millionacres was created in 2019 by Motley Fool.

Millionacres gives podcasts, investment guidelines, in-depth analysis, and other investment-related resources to help you become an expert in real estate.

Are you looking to go into real estate and do not know where to start? Or are you in real estate and need help from experts? Or in search of something pocket-friendly (real estate-wise)?

Motley Millionacres is just the right place to go into real estate.

The platform has two available subscriptions, Real Estate Winners and Moguls.

The Millionacres Real Estate Winners

The Millionacres Real Estate Winners provides access to real estate investment mainly through research of publicly traded bodies.

Real Estate Winners aims to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities. Through REITs, real estate stocks, a regularly updated list of recommended investments, and updates on past recommendations, it helps its members build real estate allocations in their portfolios.


  • Members receive monthly recommendations on a defined day. These recommendations are sent every Wednesday in the middle of every month during normal trading hours. This recommendation makes it easy for investors to make good investment choices.
  • They offer various guidelines about Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT) dividends and taxes.
  • The cost isn't very high ($249 yearly)


  • No refund or cash transfer.

The  Millionacres Moguls

The Millionacres Moguls analyzes advanced commercial opportunities in real estate investment.

Mogul releases three to four recommendations every quarter. However, its recommendation schedule is not fixed due to its opportunistic approach. Thus, they only make a recommendation when a great opportunity arises.

Features Of The Millionacres Moguls

With the millionacre's mogul membership, you are able to access the following tools:

  • Home-to-rental sale analysis: Are you torn between putting your home up for sale or earning rental income? This tool can weigh the most important factors for either option.
  • 1031 exchange calculator: With 1031 exchange, you can avoid paying capital gain taxes when you reinvest the proceeds of a sold property within a particular limit. It should be noted that this is only when the property is of the same kind and value. With this calculator, you can get a clear view of every 1031 deal you move through.
  • CRE and REITs checklist: Before investing, it is advisable to check the Commercial Real Estate(CRE) and (Real Estate Investment Trusts) REIT's health. Millionacres moguls provide a 16-point checklist for CRE deals and a 15-point checklist for REITs.
  • Risk tolerance and allocation tables: With this tool, you can estimate an appropriate allocation to real estate based on your convenience.
  • Self-directed IRA guide: Are you a retiree or plan on retiring soon? SDIRA guide is just for you. It answers questions regarding retirement assets and investments.


  • Members get various recommendations on real estate deals, both public, and private-placement.
  • Offers tax-planning guidance. Shares strategies for tax optimization.
  • Private training, both online and physical, with industry experts.
  • Offers assistance and recommendations in building a real estate investment portfolio.
  • It offers a host of tools to help improve your investment decisions.
  • Provides an opportunity to invest without stress through the informative newsletter.
  • Due to its credibility and transparency, going wrong is not an option.


  • No refund or credit transfer.
  • The cost is very high($2,999 yearly).
  • The frequency of recommendations is low(quarterly).


Millionacres is one of the numerous services the prestigious Motley Fool offers. This service focuses on real estate investment. Do you feel you should try something other than the stock market? Try Mogul Millionacres today.

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