Motley Fool Epic Bundle Review

Motley Fool Epic Bundle Review

One of the newest stock recommendation services offered by The Motley Fool is called The Motley Fool's Epic Bundle.

Actually, it's a combination of three of their current services rather than a brand-new service. It includes their two most well-liked services, Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor, as well as their newest offering, Everlasting Stocks. At the moment, the yearly retail price is $499.

In this Motley Fool Epic Bundle review, we shall explore some vital information about this company.

Best For:

All levels of investors; from beginner to advance

  • Investors who want to make decisions about their investments themselves
  • Investors willing to take on more risk to surpass the market
  • Broad-minded investors who are disposed to learn more about an investment class
  • Investors who want to benefit from features offered by the Motley Fool, such as its Motley Fool Live and active online community

Is This Online Investment Platform Really Worth It?

You save $499 by purchasing the Epic Bundle, which includes newsletters worth $797. As a result, you will now pay $298 less for the renewal each year. Everlasting Stocks costs $299 per year, Rule Breakers typically costs $199, and Stock Advisor costs $199 per year.

Let Stock Advisor renew for a second year. It will be "at the then current rate," even though you might be able to find a promotion link to get it cheaper for the first year for new subscribers. Therefore, the Epic Bundle undoubtedly saves you money since it is significantly less expensive in years two and later.

The $499 is a small price to receive stock picks that historically have surpassed the SP500 if you can invest a minimum of $1,000 in the market each month.

Always remember that to be successful in the stock market, you must have a long-term perspective (at least five years), regularly invest (monthly is best), and aim to beat the SP500.

Additionally, subscribe to the Motley Fool's Epic Bundle. You will receive 15 timely re-recommendations of prior stock picks and six new stock picks each month. You also have immediate access to the previous selections made by the three services.

The Epic Bundle: What Exactly Is It?

Here is a summary of the three services that are available right away when you subscribe to the Epic Bundle:

1.   Stock Advisor

Since April 2002, Stock Advisor has been the official newsletter of the Motley Fool. The founders of Motley Fool, brothers Tom and David Gardner, collaborated on it. They each choose one new stock each month and provide a list of their top five favorite stocks.

In other words, they recommend 10 of their favorite stocks from earlier picks while making two new stock picks per month. This is their most widely used service, with more than a million subscribers.

Most importantly, compared to the SP500's 124% return, Stock Advisor's stock picks from this service have an average return of 356%. (20 years).

2.   Rule Breakers

The release of Rule Breakers occurred in December 2004. These selections are solely those of David Gardner and his group. They seek out fast-growing businesses in fast-growing markets.

This indicates that these stocks may take around a year to gain traction. When they do take off, they do so with real force. But it also implies that they select a few losers every year.

Most importantly, compared to the SP500's 106% return, Rule Breakers stock picks have an average return of 205%. (18 years).

3.   Everlasting Stocks

The icing on this triple-helping of research goodness is Everlasting Stocks. The top-rated stocks recommended by CEO Tom Gardner and his team of analysts and Fool co-founder are part of this service.

The service is supported by the same group of analysts who have outperformed the S&P 500 by a 4-to-1 ratio over the past 19 years. It includes stocks that Tom Gardner of The Motley Fool likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What Is The Cost Of The Epic Bundle?

This service costs $499 annually, which is a fantastic deal. There are many other newsletters available that are much more expensive and offer nowhere near the same quality.

In terms of stock research, Epic Bundle is essentially all you need. You will be able to choose from hundreds of stocks. With the help of this service, creating a portfolio will be simple.

2.   Is There A Policy For Refunds?

Yes, Motley Fool's Epic Bundle has a 30-day refund policy. This is insufficient to test the stock picks or anything else like that. But it's adequate to determine whether you like the service. You can read the special reports and look at the stock picks.

3.   Is This Online Platform Legit?

This is a frequently asked question by people. It's a fact that the Motley Fool Epic Bundle is a legitimate company. The Motley Fool is a very trustworthy platform. They have a large team and are frequently present at national conferences on financial education. They also have excellent customer service, providing email support and phone numbers during market hours.


Considering what has been explained, Motley Fool Epic Bundle is worth it and is also a legitimate platform. You can invest at least a few hundred dollars each month in the market and intend to keep the money invested for at least five years.

To subscribe or to learn more, use the "Act Now" link below.

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