Marketing 2019: Finishing The Year Strong

We sing the same song every year- where did the year go? How did time pass by so fast? When you own a business, every day of every year counts, and it’s a well known fact that all businesses understand the importance of effective marketing, especially at the end of the year. There’s not much time left before we say goodbye to 2019, so it’s time to think about how you can finish the year with a bang from a marketing standpoint. So, we’re going to give you some golden pointers to help you do just that.

Focus on SEO

The age of technology really becomes the age of SEO when it comes to marketing digitally in particular. It doesn’t matter how amazing your content or website is if your company does not focus on utilizing SEO. This is why you need a specialist in this area to set it up for you. Many businesses in Australia for example, have become more and more reliant on these kinds of services to help them create their own SEO.  Aaron Knight, one of the top web designers and SEO specialist, is a great example. This specialist understands how to create result oriented marketing strategies which is very important in SEO. And this is the kind of service you need in order to really kick off the end of this year with a bang, so that you can enter the next year strong as ever. People now solely rely on the internet to get information, and it’s absolutely imperative that you get a strong SEO structure so that your website is at the top of every search engine regarding the products and services that you provide.

Be mobile friendly

2019 has seen more and more people worldwide, becoming dependent on the use of mobile phones for pretty much everything these days. This is why it’s important that you finish off the year by focusing on having your marketing planning become more mobile friendly. Make sure that when your website is being created that it is made to be easily used by mobile as well. You will find that this will have an amazing effect on sales because you will be able to reach more people and have more interest from people that can access your products and services on the go. The fact of the matter is, most people are always on the go now, so this is naturally the smartest move for you to make. You should also consider creating an app as this will take everything to the next level for the coming year.

Interactive content

If you have relied solely on just providing content and information in the past, then to up your marketing game you have to look into creating more interactive content. Encourage people to share your content by making it an easy option that can be shared without any hassle on all platforms, including email, Whatsapp and all kinds of social media. Another useful step that you can take is creating polls and questionnaires for your potential and existing clients to take- make it fun for them and ensure that it will be able to give you feedback that you can work off of in the coming year. Consider having a blog, this allows the client to have a more intimate look at your business and what it stands for. And lastly, don’t forget the value of keeping your customer service at its best, and even think about having a virtual customer service that is available 24hours.

Assess & redirect

The great thing about online marketing is that analysis becomes much easier to observe as it is automated. There’s nothing more exciting than bringing in a new year for your business with a new marketing plan. But in order to do this, you really need to assess every single aspect of your current plan, take customer feedback into consideration, and look into what other competitors in the field are doing as well. You want to stay true to your company’s brand, but you also want a fresh outlook and a touch of re-branding so that you can keep customers intrigued and also satisfied. The numbers never lie- so the first thing you want to do is analyze the numbers and figure out whether you’re hitting the right demographic or not, because in many cases, it’s sometimes necessary to change the marketing plan based on the demographic alone, and this could make a world of difference.

Everything needs to connect & flow

Because marketing has expanded to many mediums, you can run the risk of not having a sense of subtle uniformity. What you need is people to recognize your brand, no matter what medium  you use. You can use the end of the year to do a little rebranding, but most importantly, you want to make sure that there is always a connection between all of the aspects used in marketing. Whether you’re using billboards, TV, the internet, mobile phones, or even just sending an email- make sure that people know that it’s you.

Aim for human connection

People have become so busy and technology oriented that they tend to forget about human connections. So as a plan to finish the year off strong, think about a marketing plan that really aims to make human connections fashionable again. Even though we need to work on the marketing through the world of technology, it’s still important to use it to remind people of the value of making human connections. Make people smile and give them a reason to look forward to the new year because of your products and services, and make that the basis of your brand, and you definitely can’t go wrong with that.

The end of the year is a time to finish off strong and resolve to start even stronger in 2020. It’s a new decade, so get the whole company excited because it’s a great time to take on a new marketing stance, do a bit of rebranding, and really cut into the market in a big way. Follow the tips we’ve provided and you’re bound to have a happy new year!

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