Mailbird Email Client: Why it's the best Windows Email Client

mailbird best windows email client

Having an email management system allows users to manage all of their email accounts from a single platform and have advanced tools to manage their email daily. This is an extremely useful tool for all businesses, both small and large. In this review, we look at why Mailbird is the best Windows email client and cover some of its important features, including the powerful new ChatGPT integration!

What is Mailbird?

Mailbird is an email management tool that helps businesses of any size manage multiple email accounts. By having access to all email accounts in one place, workforce productivity often increases. The Windows-based system allows users to sync and centralize emails and contacts from various providers in one inbox.

Why is Mailbird best for Windows?

Many PC users are likely just using the Windows Mail app to manage emails and calendars. After all Windows Mail allows you to pin emails to the top of your inbox, set up personalized notifications and manage multiple calendars. However, emails from various account providers don’t always sync accurately, are missing some features, and can be difficult to set up. With Mailbird, users can access the full functionality of all email accounts in one place. This includes access to the unsend and send-later features many email platforms offer. Furthermore, the interface is user-friendly, and adding new email accounts takes just a few clicks.

Key Features of Mailbird

Inbox Customization

Businesses key utilize built-in color schemes and layouts to create a custom inbox style. This can be implemented across the business, however, employees can further customize their inbox with a light and dark menu, notification sounds, preview options, and more. Each employee can also set keyboard shortcuts for composing, archiving, and forwarding. 

Email Integration

The Mailbird email client allows you to integrate accounts from Gmail, Outlook, eM Client, and Thunderbird with ease, making it the best Windows email client on the market. Users can either see all emails from all accounts in a central inbox or search and filter for specific accounts. This allows employees to be more productive as checking email can be done in a single program.


Mailbird also integrates with various productivity and business tools to improve efficiency. Many of these integrations can also be set up as an in-app tool, to reduce the number of windows open at once. There are over 40 integrations available, showcasing why Mailbird is the best Windows email client, including:

  • ChatGPT – this powerful new integration sets Mailbird apart from others and allows you to input prompts to get massive help and assistance in the best email writing and content production imaginable.
  • Asana - task and project management
  • WhatsApp - instant messaging and calling
  • Slack - instant messaging and collaboration
  • Dropbox – share any file with ease
  • Trello – collaborate with your team
  • Google Docs for – sharing and read content or chat via messenger
  • Twitter – read and share tweets
  • Google Calendar – make appointments, and schedule your time
  • Todoist - manage tasks both online and offline
  • LinkedIn – connect with other professionals, read and make comments
  • Evernote - share ideas and create notes
  • FormSwift - create a custom email signature
  • Grammarly - make sure that your spelling, tone, and grammar is correct
  • - unsubscribe from unnecessary emails with ease
  • Wunderlist  - allows you to create simple to do lists with prompts

Learn more about all the integrations available, including ChatGPT, to see why Mailbird is the best windows email client and how it can benefit your business by streamlining productivity.

Pricing for Mailbird Windows Email Client

Every Mailbird plan comes with unlimited email accounts per device and personal app integrations for social media. Business accounts come with all features. The plan pricing is as follows:

  • Personal Yearly Plan - $3.25 USD per user/per month
  • Personal Pay Once – $99 USD per user, with the option to add lifetime updates for $10 USD per year
  • Business Yearly Plan - $5.75 USD per user/per month
  • Business Pay Once - $399 USD per user, with the option to add lifetime updates for $20 per year

The pay-once plans are great for business looking for a long-term solution, as you only need to worry about a small yearly payment after the initial investment.

If you are still unsure if Mailbird is the best Windows email client or right for you and your business, download it for free and try it out today!

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