Magneto Trends In 2022- What Does The Coming Year Hold

Magneto Trends

Magneto has become a widely popular open-source eCommerce platform. In the UK, Magneto is famous due to the versatile features it offers to e-commerce businesses. With higher reconversion and traffic rates, Magneto websites are constantly being preferred in the UK. Therefore, the Magento developers UK work faster with the newest trends to meet the expectations for the eCommerce brands.

So, what does 2022 offer in Magneto trends and development? Here is a detailed analysis of the possible trends for your eCommerce storefront.

Gradients and Colors will Rule Everything

Gradient has already proven to add some aesthetic touch to any website page. Moreover, gradient also offers versatility with so many color combinations and color options. The colorful layouts often attract the niche audience and increase their presence on the site, leading to better business prospects. Therefore, in the coming year, gradients in colorful combinations will be a prominent trend.

Minimalistic yet Graphic

This year, designers are most likely to use colors to add a touch of aesthetic appeal. People are looking forward to breaking from the pandemic and welcoming bright colors with an open mind.

Moreover, minimalist and straightforward trends are also in rage.

In the case of eCommerce, bolder and colorful minimalist layouts where the product is highlighted will be one of the main layout designs. Moreover, more extensive and bolder fonts will also be prominent.

Responsive Website

For eCommerce websites, the first impression depends on the UI of the site. More than 90% of visitors often prefer to go to a responsive website with a good user interface. At present responsive trends like micro animation and a navigable site will be on the top demands. Besides that, the site designers will also move towards a mobile-friendly website to make it faster and better. After all, more than 70% of internet shoppers use their smartphones for shopping!

Interactive Mouse Pointer

Enhancing the user experience in the case of eCommerce sites often leads to better business and online presence. Hence, brands look forward to finding new ways to offer interactive methods on their eCommerce website.

Besides the existing interactive trends like virtual try-on and virtual lookbook suggestions, interactive mouse pointers will become a top design trend. The interactive mouse pointers allow the users to control a few aspects of the website, resulting in a customized website layout as per their choice. It will offer each visitor a unique experience.

Inclusion of Voice Searches

Voice searches are already making rounds through the web development sector. Moreover, the eCommerce sector is no exception. In 2022, more eCommerce sites with a Magneto interface will add a voice search button beside the conventional search tab. It will allow the visitors to search using their voice commands, enhancing user experience and making shopping easy for everyone. It will also help visually impaired people and differently-abled people to shop faster and better through voice search.


If you look forward to using Magneto and opening an eCommerce store or are a proud owner of an existing one, it is time to incorporate these upcoming trends inside the site.

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