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Need a mouse for on the go?  Ever forgot your mouse and wanted something beyond your touchpad or roller ball?

When the optical pointing device, commonly called a mouse, came into mainstream use with the arrival of the Macintosh computer in 1984, it revolutionized the way people interact with computers. The mouse allowed a more hands-on approach to computing, which most users find more intuitive.

Now, thirty years later, it’s time for another revolution in the way users interact with and control their computers. The phone as a mouse! The era of the Remote Mouse has arrived and the only thing required will be a smartphone and the Remote Mouse app.

What is Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is a mobile app that allows users to turn their smartphone into a mouse.

Users control their computer by sending input from their smartphone app or tablet via wi-fi Internet connection. Think of it as a remote control for your computer. As long as your computer is turned on, connected to the Internet and has the Remote Mouse software installed, you will be able to access and control it with your phone using the same Internet connection!

Perhaps, like me, you make presentations to audiences using PowerPoint or other software and you want a wireless mouse that you can use while walking around to advance your slides.  I can't stand still behind a podium and my phone is always with me, so it makes sense to use Remote Mouse for my iPhone.

How It Works

The first step is to install the mobile app on the device you want to use as your Remote Mouse.  Next, install the Remote Mouse server application on any computers you wish to control. Open the server application on the computer, and then open the application on the mobile device. As long as both devices are currently connected to the same internet connection, all a user has to do is click the “Start” button on the mobile app. The application will connect and the user is in control of the cursor of their computer via their phone!

What It Can Do

Remote Mouse is more than simply a tool that allows a user to control the cursor. It is a multi-featured input device that offers several new features to the computer. Here are a few useful features.

  • Multi-gesture control - Remote Mouse allows offers users a fully-functional trackpad experience. Gestures such as two-finger scrolling, three-finger drag and many others are possible. All gestures can be disabled if desired.
  • View images - Choose which folders are accessible and view images from the computer on the mobile screen.
  • Open applications - A list of all applications pinned to the home screen and taskbar are shown on the app, which makes opening them easy.
  • Voice control - If you use an iPhone with Siri, Remote Mouse allows it to be used for voice controlled text entry on the computer. This feature alone makes the app worth having.



Currently, the Remote Mouse smartphone app is available as a free tablet and smartphone app, and also as a pay app, which unlocks additional multimedia features. It is compatible with popular devices including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad (with iOS 5.0 or newer), as well as Android (2.3.3 or newer) and Windows Phones.

The Remote Mouse computer side software works with computers running later versions of Mac OSX and Windows XP or newer.

So if you are looking for a handy wireless mouse to carry with you, look no further than your smartphone with this app!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!  Start free, upgrade for full features.


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