10 Business Card Alternatives That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

10 Business Card Alternatives That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

What if customers thought your business was stuck in the past as soon as they met you?

Most business owners and representatives reach for a business card to leave an impression. However, business cards are a relic of the past, with many modern businesses switching to interesting alternatives.

Want to know what the hottest business card alternatives are? Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Bottle Openers

A lot of networking takes place at social events. So why not give out a card that makes socializing a lot easier?

It's easy to fit all of your important information on a stylish bottle opener. And you even have a natural opening to give one out when someone is struggling with a bottle.

Like most of the ideas on this list, this card alternative is functional and practical. This increases the likelihood that someone will hang onto your info for a good, long time.

2. Conductive Ink

Want something like a business card but that still helps you stand out? In that case, conductive ink is your best bet.

At first glance, a conductive business card looks like a standard card. The magic happens when someone places the card on top of their smartphone.

When this happens, the conductive ink actually sends your important contact information to the person's phone. This means your card doubles as both a fun party trick and a sly way to store your info on various smartphones while you are networking.

3. Edible Cards

It may sound crazy, but hear us out. What if your business card was edible?

It's easier than ever to print your info onto small cookie sheets, pasta noodles, and other edible materials. This turns your card into an unforgettable experience for the recipient.

How, then, will they hold onto your info? Simple: put each one in a specialty package to create a fun "boutique" vibe.

4. Keychains

You've probably noticed that the best business card alternatives share a lot in common with promotional products. That's why we like putting business info on keychains so much.

First, there's plenty of space for your info. In fact, most keychains are the size of business cards already.

Second, it's functional. Many who get a keychain business card will put it to use right away.

Finally, it enhances brand awareness. Every time the recipient takes out their keys, they will be thinking of you and your business.

5. Drink Coaster

Drink coasters are another awesome alternative to business cards. And they are something that a person will get a lot of use out of at both home and the office.

The large area of a coaster makes it perfect for a business logo or other eye-catching designs. And there is plenty of room left over to store important contact information.

If you're on a budget, great news: you can have a ton of these made without breaking the bank!

6. USB Cards

If you're not on a budget, we recommend a high-end alternative: USB business cards.

Most of these devices look like a standard card. However, it has a small USB stick at the end that recipients can plug into their computers.

You can load these cards with everything from basic contact info to your resume and work portfolio. And after they check it all out, they are left with a handy jump drive they can use at any time.

7. Drink Coolers

Earlier, we noted how it's handy to help a new networking contact open their beer. And it's just as handy to help them keep it cool.

Can and bottle coolers such as Koozies are popular all around the world. They help someone to keep their beer or other drink nice and cool regardless of the external temperature.

Because of this, many people hang on to every cooler that they receive. Giving someone your business info on a can cooler helps ensure that your card alternative will have a permanent place in their home.

8. Tools of the Trade

Despite all these great business card alternatives, many still focus on materials made from paper. But what if your business card could transcend paper entirely?

It is now possible to print your important info directly on metal. Once you do that, you can turn your card into a variety of different tools.

Imagine a business card that can help someone tighten a screw or remove a nail. The recipient using it will soon associate your business with the card itself: the right tool for the right job.

If nothing else, these alternatives are downright cool. Yours will likely be the only metal card that the recipient has ever seen!

9. Riddle Me This

Everybody likes games and other fun distractions. It's why crosswords and sudoku puzzles are still so popular, even in an age of apps and streaming.

With a little creativity, you can turn your business card into a puzzling game. And it's an experience the receiver won't soon forget!

For example, your card could have a word search on one side and the keywords on the other side. These keywords provide your name and contact info.

In this way, the card still practically gives someone your relevant info. But it also gives them a fun distraction to enjoy.

10. Button Up

Buttons have recently resurged in popularity. They adorn various jackets, bags, and for the most diehard collectors, pinboards on their walls.

And buttons also happen to be one of the easiest and most affordable alternatives to traditional business cards. You can focus on text info for the button or simply focus on an important icon or slogan.

Not only does this help your business stand out, but it turns anyone who wears the button into a walking advertisement!

You can order buttons here and find out what the fuss is all about.

Business Card Alternatives: Bring the Opportunities to You

Now you know about some solid business card alternatives. But do you know how else to help your business grow?

Mike Gingerich specializes in taking businesses to the next level. To see how this can transform your business enterprise, check out his books today!


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