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LinkedIn Company Pages Offer Businesses a Social Marketing Opportunity

LinkedIn is known as the "Business Social Networking site," a legitimate business destination in the social media realm.  As LinkedIn first launched, it was a place for individuals to have a "online business card."  Now, however, LinkedIn has grown to become a full service social network for business.

LinkedIn is a valuable place for businesses to be represented.  The value comes in the networking and social discovery tools that are integrated within the platform.  A business can use LinkedIn as a key online place to showcase their company products, services, or latest achievements, as well as use it for personnel recruiting, generating leads, and showcasing their expertise and thought leadership via Groups.  For individuals,  LinkedIn can be used as way to learn about key persons in a company prior to the sales call, to promote their business skills when looking for new employment, or as a way to showcase their company as part of the sales and marketing process.

One of the more recent LinkedIn updates is expanded tools for companies to create a "Company Page".  A company page is really a mini-website on LinkedIn.  It's an opportunity to present a "high-level  overview" of a company.  It can include an overview of the company,  a Career's section for job openings, a Product's section where information and even product videos can be displayed, and more.

One value of creating a company page is that LinkedIn integrates all company pages into their search functions.  This way a company can be discovered and also "followed" making it easy for interested parties to stay up-to-date on company news and information.  A second reason to create a company page is that search engines like Google and Bing do index this content and so persons doing a Google on related products or services your company provides may see your website and also your LinkedIn company page in search results, adding strength to a company's ability to be found online.


Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page requires just a few steps.  Simply:

  • Go to the Add Company page,
  • Enter your company name and company email address
  • Confirm your request through an automatic email that is sent to you
  • Start filling in your company’s information

That’s it! Later you can take a few more minutes to add products and services to your company page, as well as adding a main image for each section.  A last key value of the LinkedIn company page is that LinkedIn formats your page for optimal viewing on mobile phones and tablets such as the iPad.  It's a cost-free way to a mobile-friendly web page about your company that can be seen online or by users of the LinkedIn apps.

LinkedIn Company Page Setup

Finally, take the time to add a LinkedIn button to your website to make it easy for visitors to your site to also find you on the premier business social network.  When completed, these steps help expand your business presence online and ensure your company is represented on one of the key networks for business that exist today.


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