Investors Underground Review: High Price, High Value?

Investors Underground Review: High Price, High Value

Founded in 2008, Investors Underground is arguably one of the most useful resources for active day traders! This platform takes a unique approach, prioritizing education and experimentation over standardized formulas. In this Investors Underground review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the platform to discover exactly what this platform offers to traders. Is it worth the asking price? Let’s find out!

Investors Underground Vs. The Competition

Investors Underground doesn’t provide formulaic recommendations or trading services. Instead, it offers access to an online educational community—centered around focused chat rooms—that helps new and experienced traders alike become better traders. This differs from services like TopStepTrader, which offers both educational and hands-on content.

The majority of the platform’s value comes from the vast wealth of information it offers its members, including webinars, watchlists, video lessons/trade recaps, and dedicated training courses. However, it’s important to note that the training courses are billed separately from the membership fees.


Comprehending trading data and analysis on platforms like SpeedTrader Pro can pose a big challenge for beginners. Fortunately, Investors Underground has been designed with traders of all levels in mind, so even a complete novice can pick up valuable information right away! The site features a vast education library containing over 700 detailed guides and video lessons.

Nonetheless, you will need to become familiar with a bit of trading vocabulary before you can fully realize the potential of Investors Underground. For someone who’s just invested in a membership (only to find out that they can’t understand all of the content), this could be quite frustrating. Fortunately, IU offers a plethora of free content on their YouTube channel so you can get familiar with the latest lingo before becoming a paid member.

Investors Underground is most notable for its chat rooms. Each room focuses on a different type of trading, and every room allows traders to exchange information throughout the day. This setup enables constant communication throughout the IU community, which can be helpful when looking for recommendations or guidance. For specific questions or concerns, members can reach out to a group moderator for assistance.

In addition to the educational library and chat rooms, IU also offers:

  • Trade alerts
  • Daily watchlists
  • Live & pre-recorded webinars
  • Methodology-based “Morning Calls”, and
  • Dedicated training courses (billed separately)

Membership Pricing

Pricing is where a lot of potential Investors Underground decide to opt-out. At first glance, these prices can seem unreasonable, but it’s important to ask yourself: “How committed am I to becoming a better trader?” Traders who are extremely committed to improving their skills will enjoy great value from IU. However, those who only utilize the platform occasionally may not. As with many other online platforms, you can enjoy significant discounts by purchasing an extended plan over a monthly one.

These are the current plans and prices:

Monthly Plan Quarterly Plan Annual Plan
Cost Per Billing Cycle $297 $697 $1,897
Annual Cost $3,564 $2,788 $1,897

Chat Rooms

The chat rooms are arguably the main feature of Investors Underground. Traders have four different rooms to choose from, and each one focuses on something different.

Trader’s Lounge

This general-purpose chat room is the only room where non-trading talk is allowed. Although you’ll likely bring up the topic of trading at some point, you can talk about other topics in this room (without worrying about being muted for off-topic conversation). You’ll also have the chance to exchange trading ideas and ask any questions you might have.

Momentum Trade Chat

This is the most popular chat room on Investors Underground and centers around day trading. Since day trading involves completing all of one’s trades within market hours, you can expect to see a constant stream of conversation throughout the day.

Swing Trade Chat

As the name implies, this room focuses on swing trading. Swing trading takes place over multiple days (or weeks), so you’ll likely find the ongoing text conversation to be a little less overwhelming. Still, members remain quite active in this room as well.

OTC Trade Chat

The OTC—or “Over-The-Counter”—room revolves around trading less mainstream assets, such as cryptocurrency or penny stocks. As such, this room generally has the least conversation going at any one time.

Educational Courses

Currently, IU offers three education courses, listed below.

Textbook Trading

This course will teach you the foundations of day trading in eight hours. It’s perfect for people interested in active trading (but aren’t quite sure where to start).

Tandem Trader

This course—which lasts a total of 12 hours—builds upon the knowledge of “Textbook Trading.” It shows how to expertly apply this knowledge in real-world trading scenarios.

Swing Trader

This course focuses entirely on swing trading, covering methodology, management, analysis, charting (and more) throughout six hours of educational content.

Investors Underground Review: Final Thoughts

Investors Underground has a lot to offer, but it’s only worthwhile for those willing to invest their time in the platform. The pricing is quite high, and unfortunately, courses are billed separately from the already-expensive membership. Nonetheless, we feel that UI is an excellent investment for traders who will start utilizing their newfound knowledge right away. Best of all, they offer some content for free, which you can enjoy instant access to simply by visiting their homepage. However, if you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of active trading from industry experts, there’s no time like the present: sign up today!

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