Instagram’s “Join Chat” Sticker plus Facebook Top Fans Targeting & More

It has been hot here on the Eastern coast of the United States this summer!  On top of that, we’ve got some “hot” social media updates you should know as well!

Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook is always updating their algorithm and it is important for you to stay up to date with the changes that may affect you. Recently, Facebook has been on a focus of less vanity in social media and more on quality engagement. The latest algorithm change is to take action against misleading and false ads; especially relating to health claims like “miracle cures for weight loss, baldness and other physical conditions.”

Why It Matters

This update might not affect you but it shows Facebook’s mission in cleaning up the newsfeed and making the content shown on their platform being of high quality.  It could impact you if you are pushing sales on Facebook in industries near to these. Be aware, just because you post something, doesn’t mean many people see it!

Facebook Adds ‘Top Fans’ Targeting Option

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that enables Pages to target their top fans. By posting updates, thank you’s, or special messages to a specific group of people, you can foster more engagement with your top followers.  In short, you can reach just “top fans.”

Why It Matters

Specifically targeting your top followers is another way to build more of a community with your followers and reach your most passionate advocates. It allows you to go deeper with them, give them advance notice of things, and essentially help them retain “top fan” status so they are ambassadors for you! The feature can help you build your brand and boost engagement through engaging top fans who, in turn, spread the word about your product/service.

Instagram’s ‘Join Chat’ Sticker

Now you can start chats right from your story! 

Instagram recently launched its new ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories. When the sticker is tapped on it will take you to a private discussion group. The creator of the discussion will be notified and has the option to approve them to join in the discussion.

Why It Matters

This is a positive move for Instagram as it is following the trend of the rise in messaging on social media platforms, and the rise of people using Stories over just the newsfeed. The chat sticker could be very useful when discussing a particular topic or asking a question to your followers. It’s a form of engagement that Instagram tracks and uses in their algorithm of what content they show to each user. Using the chat sticker on your Story is a great way to engage more personally with your followers.

New Instagram Ad Unit in Explore Tab

Instagram announced that is rolling out a new ad unit in its Explore Tab. The ads will show in the related posts after a user has tapped a photo or image. The goal is to give users meaningful ads related to their search in the Explore Tab.

Why It Matters

With the explore tab becoming increasingly more popular for people to scroll through, adding ads to part of the users browsing experience can be beneficial to businesses. This is a great way to expand brand exposure and generate more engagement.

LinkedIn Algorithm Update

LinkedIn’s engagement has been increasing over the past year. Recently, LinkedIn announced some changes that they made to their feed distribution algorithm in hopes of boosting engagement and activity between users.

Why It Matters

If you are B2B, you should be thinking about more seriously and regularly using LinkedIn!  Previously, LinkedIn’s algorithm weighed heavily towards the platform’s top users so the new algorithm change should help fix this large disproportionality.   LinkedIn is making positive changes that help brands and it’s a location you can find your ideal audience.


That’s a wrap on the latest social media updates this time around!

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