A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Instagram Stickers

Instagram Stickers

When looking for ways to boost brand awareness, make deeper connections with customers, and gain followers, you may have come across Instagram Stickers. Stickers and the use of an emoji are among the many fun and interactive features Instagram provides for business and personal use. They add an extra level of depth to your Stories and provide simpler connection with your audience.

The benefits of using Stickers appropriately are many. For starters, they’re a great way to gain and keep new followers. It also vastly increases engagement, including re-grams of your best sticker-clad stories.

There’s a lot that goes into appropriately using Stickers within your Stories. According to, it’s essential that you track your Instagram analytics when using Stories to get the best picture of their effectiveness for your brand. You’ll also want to stick with some tried and true tactics for using Stickers to their best advantage. Here’s a simple guide for helping you succeed.

Instagram Stickers Overview

Before getting into the uses of Instagram Stickers, know what you’re dealing with. Instagram currently has 12 sticker options to choose from. They are as follows:

  • Chat Sticker: Start a conversation in a new direct thread. It’s best used for small groups as too many people can make the chat confusing.
  • Donation Sticker: Help raise money for a nonprofit or charity. You can customize the fundraiser for a specific cause.
  • Quiz Sticker: Curate multiple choice questions and customize your answers. Followers respond by choosing one of the choices provided. The answers are published once the quiz time has elapsed.
  • Countdown Sticker: Set a name, date, and time, and let the countdown begin. It will countdown in real time. It’s perfect for product reveals, launches, and other timely events.
  • Questions Sticker: Followers can ask you any question by typing it into the provided box. It’s a great way to connect personally with your audience.
  • Music Sticker: Play music in the background of a story to add extra depth to the story.
  • Poll Sticker: Write a question and customize the answers. Followers will be shown a slider emoji that slides left or right for yes or no.
  • Emoji Slider Sticker: Like the poll sticker, you can use the emoji slider to get opinions on new products or moves. Participants can slide left or right to indicate whether or not they like what you’ve presented.
  • Location Sticker: Designate certain locations to go with your post. This is great for letting followers check in or to help them connect with you based on your current location.
  • Hashtag Sticker: Make your stories searchable and connect them to other posts by adding a hashtag.
  • Current Time and Weather Stickers: Mark the time and weather in a story.
  • Selfie Sticker: Easily add a selfie to your story by tapping the camera icon, then click on the selfie sticker for editing and filter options.

How to Apply Instagram Stickers

Putting a sticker on your Instagram stories is so simple. After taking the video or photo for your Stories reel, select a sticker and affix it to a certain spot on the video. You can move it by holding it and moving it with your finger. Tap “Pin” when you want to place the sticker.

You can always rotate or resize your stickers with two fingers that pinch and zoom. If you want to delete a sticker, drag and drop it to the trash bin icon at the bottom of the screen. If you need to edit stickers at any time, select edit and make your changes.

When applying stickers, keep in mind that there is text overlay at the top of your Stories that you can’t remove. It’s the text that tells followers who is sharing the Story and at what time they shared it. Therefore, placing a sticker at the very top of your Story may make it difficult for followers to see. Keep this in mind for text overlay as well.

Best Ways to Use Instagram Stickers

There are dozens of ways to use Instagram stickers to promote your business and improve your brand. Each sticker can be used for unique purposes. Consider the many applications when choosing the right one to apply to your stories. Each time you use a sticker, it should be for a purpose and not just to make it look “pretty.”

For example, hashtag stickers categorize your posts, polls provide follower feedback, and questions stickers help you connect better with your audience. For more ideas on using Stickers, use the following tried and true practices with Instagram Stickers:

  • Hide Hashtags: If you want to add more hashtags to your Story, but you don’t want to make it look cluttered, make your hashtag stickers as small as possible and cluster them together. Then, use another sticker, such as the weather sticker, to cover your hashtags. That way you get the functionality of the sticker without the mess.
  • Use the Countdown for Events: Whether your event is online or in-person, a Sticker countdown makes a fabulous and fun reminder. Along with following a visual countdown, followers can also turn on reminders and notifications for the event. That way, they never miss a product reveal, live Q&A, or any other important announcements from your brand.
  • Increase Foot Traffic with Location Stickers: For brick-and-mortar stores, location stickers can naturally attract more attention. It puts your Story in an explore feed to direct more traffic to your store. It’s a great way to raise a following and increase your customer count.
  • Connect with Mention Stickers: Mention stickers are an extra feature that allow you to tag others in your Stories. You could tag other Instagram businesses to solicit endorsements for your brand. Or, you can tag one of your followers, enticing user-generated content. A lot of people buy IG followers these days. However, don't buy Instagram likes cheap that can harm your business

These are just a few of the many ways to use Instagram Stickers to their best advantage. Do more research to get more ideas or try a few strategies on your own. You’ll be amazed at the engagement you can earn with your own creativity and a powerful Sticker campaign.

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