Instagram Branding: 4 Reasons Why Your Follower Count Greatly Matters

Instagram branding - why our follower count matters

Some people think that you don't need a large follower count to be relevant on Instagram. This isn't true!  Your count is significant and Instagram branding is key for growth and monetization.

The first thing you notice when you look at an Instagram profile is how many followers they have. This article will go through the reasons why you need to get those numbers up. 

  1. You Will Increase Your Reach

Instagram's algorithm will enable you to reach more people when you have a higher number of followers. You will be able to feature on people's Explore pages more often. Since Instagram will show the most relevant posts to people, this will likely increase your reach among your target audience. 

To grow your followers, you can try to organically reach more people which is the best and most natural way, or you can buy followers on Instagram

  1. Your Follower Count Determines Your Credibility

Imagine finding an Instagram business account that only has a few dozen followers. You would likely not trust them as much as a company that has several thousand followers. Like it or not, your follower count still matters to customers because they will determine your credibility. 

This is why it's important to grow your follower count on Instagram. People will immediately associate your expertise in an industry based on this number. This will then determine whether they choose to purchase something from your business or not. 

  1. You Can Access Swipe-Ups for Instagram Stories

What's so important about Instagram story swipe-ups? This feature, which is only available to verified accounts or those with over 10,000 followers - increases accessibility for your viewers. 

If anyone is interested in your products, they can simply swipe up instead of hunting for a link on your bio. Swiping up will immediately lead them to your website, making it easy for them to buy something from you. 

In order to access this kind of feature, you'd need to increase your follower count. 

  1. You Have More Opportunities to Increase Your Engagement

The Instagram algorithm places a lot of importance on engagement. The more comments appear on your posts - and the more you reply - the more likely you get to be featured on Explore pages often. 

It's hard to increase your engagement if you don't have a lot of Instagram followers. Improving your following will therefore enhance your engagement as well, leading to an even greater reach of real customers. 

Reasons Why Your Follower Count Matters on Instagram

You may have wondered whether it's necessary to grow your follower count on Instagram. The answer is yes, it's highly important! Your following will determine your ability to reach people and also determine your credibility to potential customers. So the bottom line is that Instagram branding matters significantly.

With more followers, you can have access to Instagram swipe-ups, improving accessibility. You can also have more opportunities to increase your engagement, which will lead to a greater audience.

So what are you waiting for?

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