Identifying And Solving The 3 Basic eCommerce SEO Strategy Mistakes

Identifying And Solving The 3 Basic eCommerce SEO Strategy Mistakes

Want to achieve the highest return on your investment (ROI) for your business? You need to switch to organic search-based strategies! More than 50% of online shoppers use Google to find information about products or services before buying them. Therefore, you should include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in your digital marketing strategies. SEO provides great Direct to Customer (DTC) opportunities to eCommerce businesses. Implementing SEO in the right way will rank your website higher on the search results page, increase your brand’s authority, and drive more qualified customers. However SEO strategy mistakes can be costly.

But, how to determine whether your eCommerce SEO strategies are working? To know this, you can refer to the points mentioned below. They will help you identify possible SEO strategy mistakes you may make while creating a strategy. After identifying these mistakes, you can also refer to the solutions mentioned below. Doing this will help you get the best return on your investment.

Mistake 1: Avoiding the revenue impact and end goals

Getting a blog published regularly can be a time-consuming process. This process becomes even more tedious if you have other responsibilities piling up. Because of this, SEO and content creation get dropped down on your priority list. Every business needs to focus on its marketing campaigns. However, concentrating on other marketing campaigns results in avoiding SEO. You must know that effective content brings a new audience to your website. Therefore, you should not neglect SEO strategy and content creation, as it will drive the audience into the SEO funnel. This will eventually bring your new potential customers and greater revenue. Thus, it proves to be profitable as the main aim of every e-commerce business is to generate more revenue.

Solution: Plan the SEO e-commerce strategies in advance

To draft your SEO-based content, you should first know what your end goals are. Therefore, before starting an e-commerce strategy, you should plan 'how you are going to track the progress of your blog'. Keep checking the SEO funnel to know how the conversion of ‘visitors to customers’ takes place. Find an appropriate platform that will help you track your organic content and your other marketing strategies. This platform will help you learn the behavior of your customers and how they impact each part of the SEO funnel. Reputable SEO agencies in Melbourne will help you know more about the SEO funnel.

Mistake 2: Creating content without a plan

You may already know what your customers want. A large piece of information will also be available to you related to your product or service. You can share this information which can have great importance for the readers. While doing this, a business often thinks that they know exactly what the readers want. As a result, they avoid important factors like topics and keyword selection. Therefore, no matter how much information you have about your products, it will be of no use if you do not draft it correctly. You may miss out on high-quality content if you do not have a firm plan.

Solution: Start with a plan first

You can start with a basic idea first. However, avoid sticking to the idea that comes to your mind first. Instead, do thorough research about each idea and see which one fits your goals. Next, you should know your business and set a spectrum of categories for content creation. For example, if you have a beauty brand, you can concentrate on various categories, like beauty tutorials, information about various ingredients, the latest beauty trends, etc. After having a basic idea, you can find the relevant keywords based on it. You can use the terms commonly searched on social media or are in trend. This will increase your website traffic.

Mistake 3: Give importance to vanity metrics

As mentioned earlier, organic methods have more impact compared to other marketing campaigns. However, you must know that SEO does more than just drive traffic to your website. You can check various vanity metrics, such as page viewing. Tracking your SEO strategies will help you to make the necessary corrections and generate more leads. Therefore, you should not avoid SEO-based marketing channels.

Solution: Keep a check on the SEO KPIs

Apart from considering the options such as page viewing, conversion rates, etc., you should also pay attention to other details. These include order value, monthly recurring revenue through SEO, time to conversion for paths influenced by SEO, etc.

Your attention must not be restricted only to generating more purchases. Instead, you should also focus on product views, account sign-ups, the addition of products to the cart, etc. Keeping all the required factors in mind will help you minimize basic mistakes. Avoiding these SEO strategy mistakes will help you bring maximum organic traffic to your website. You can achieve this with the help of a professional SEO company in Melbourne.

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