Ideal Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should be an inseparable part of your business strategy. It is the use of social media and websites to promote a product or business. No other method of advertising has the capacity to reach as many people as social media marketing does. It is the most useful tool for generating leads and sales. However, social media is not everybody’s strong suit. Many people are not sure how to approach advertising through Social Media channels. Here we can take a look at a few ideal strategies for social media marketing.

Ideal strategies for Social media marketing


There are many platforms that exist. Some serve certain functions better than others. It’s important to do your research. See which methods and platforms work best for your specific business needs, as this will change depending on the type of business you run. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Yelp, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, are social media platforms where your attention should be focused.


Firstly, let’s talk about maintaining an online presence. It can be difficult, tedious and just plain not up to your alley. Fortunately, there are companies out there, that for a monthly subscription are able to promote, like, follow your social media pages. This will help expand your area of influence and get your company seen by more people, since your account is now gaining more followers.

Take time to read reviews and choose the right service for you. It is important when reading reviews to make sure the reviewer is as unbiased as possible. You don’t want the person doing the review of the product being paid by the company that produced the product he/she is reviewing. Experts such as the guys at Radar Logic, pride themselves on delivering reviews on products that provide the best quality, performance, and value for the price. They offer fantastic reviews from many experts in their fields on a wide variety of subjects. Take some advice from the experts and read what they have to say. You can also use growth services, for example read more about Twicsy on the small business blog.

Two Basic Approaches

Passive Approach

Taking a passive approach to social media marketing means stepping back. Be more analytical about your past events and interactions with your clients. Blogs, content communities, and forums are platforms where people can share their opinions, experiences, and reviews of products and businesses. Using Social Media you can take a look at all the data collected from these posts, analyze customer feedback and detect possible market opportunities. For example, if a popular vehicle produced by a large manufacturer was sold with an unknown flaw. Social media marketers would be able to analyze the information to determine their next course of action, which would be a recall. This could save the company a lot of money by catching trends early.

Active Approach

An active approach to Social Media marketing is to interact with your clients directly in real-time. You can do this using various channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, etc. Taking this active approach means that you are also using an advertising service to target a specific group of people. If you have a business selling a niche product it is vital to be able to target the right demographic. Social media lets you be extremely precise about targeting your specific niche audience. Using such things as Google Adsense to target keywords in user’s posts allows you to direct your specific ad towards them. This is to say that if a social media user often posts about his stamp collection and your business is all about stamps. Your ad will then target that specific individual, increasing the likelihood of follow-through and potential buyers.

social media marketing

Small Businesses

Small or local businesses are not excluded from needing to advertise on social media. Posting a coupon on a tweet or on an Instagram page and asking for a retweet, share or like at checkout for a small discount is a great way to develop customer loyalty, trust and spread the word about your business. Anyone seeing your customers post generates a cheap local advertisement in the form of the poster’s friends, seeing the feed and likely also being in the area.


The biggest rule of thumb to take away is to have an internet presence. Get out there, create your social pages and be ready. Take small steps towards larger goals. If it is proving too much, consider hiring somebody to manage your social media pages. This is one of the best ways to get a ton of advertising and a lot of stress off your head at once. Consider which approaches to take for your specific business. Are you a niche business owner? or more generalized? Consider using both approaches to maximize your benefits from your presence. Utilize these ideas to create your ideal strategies for social media marketing for your business.

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