How You Can Benefit From Using Zapier For Your Business

How You Can Benefit From Using Zapier For Your Business

If you have a few pain points in your business, you can certainly find scope for Zapier to help make things better. Running a business is not always easy. It isn't smooth sailing at all times with everything running in a proper manner.

You will find many processes you can fine-tune and several workflows you can automate. These allow you to have a much more productive outcome. Zapier automates the various processes by connecting the applications you use every day. Thus, removing some inefficiencies from your business.

Here are some of the ways Zapier comes to your business's rescue.

Scale your Business

If your staff has to handle admin tasks rather than focusing on tasks meant for them, your business will have a serious challenge to grow. You need your competent staff to concentrate on tactics to help your business to grow. For this, you need to review the processes, streamline, and automate them using Zapier. This will free up your team members from having to take care of admin issues. Therefore, they can concentrate on growing your business.

Streamlining and automating processes eliminates the mountains of paperwork in your office. Thus, rescuing the team members by allowing them to get back to their creative work of looking at the bigger picture.

Automation also allows you to support the new business that comes in with the business growing without having to hire new people. Hiring Zapier Consultants will certainly give your business the edge it needs. Especially, as they will be using their expertise. They will know how to apply Zapier to fulfill your requirements and achieve your targets.

Save Time With Zapier

Some businesses still have their staff inputting data from one app to another. This manual inputting is extremely slow and inefficient. Zapier automates this transfer of data by connecting one app to the other. This manages to save time while eliminating human error in the process.

Various events, such as adding a new row to a spreadsheet, receiving email, making financial transactions, can be run in Zapier. This automates the workflow and streamlines the whole process. Thus, freeing up the individuals who used to perform these tasks manually, and enabling them to focus on other tasks.

Get More Testimonials

Any business needs to ask for testimonials from clients as they are key to the business growth of new companies. In most cases, happy customers willingly provide testimonials. But, most companies end up not asking for it or not following up if no testimonials are given upon request. One way of easily getting these valuable testimonials is by setting up an automatic workflow. This will follow up with the customer at the end of a project or once a product has been sold.

Zapier can be used to set up a sequence of emails that will request a testimonial from the customer or follow up for a testimonial. You can include your Facebook page, your Google business page, or a link to an industry review site where they can provide a testimonial.

Makes It Easier To Chase Leads

Sometimes businesses lose out on valuable business when they lose track of new leads that they painstakingly acquire. You need to have a business cadence that is well-structured. Then, you won't have to worry about forgetting any activities to do with it if you automate the business cadence.

You can apply seven-day sales cadence activities in CRMs, such as Salesforce and Pipedrive. The Zapier process will make sure you never miss out on any steps that might lead to losing track of a new lead. Thus, allowing you to convert them to an ongoing regular customer for the long run.

Replace Manual Admin Tasks

Regular admin processes can turn bad very easily as they run automatically. You might perpetuate these bad admin processes without even realizing your normal workflow. To avoid this, you need to document where you spend time and be mindful of how you allocate your time.

Do you rekey data into a CRM from a contact form? Or, are you creating a manual project task every time a client emails you asking you to provide a service?

Are you having to manually create an invoice whenever a Paypal payment comes in? When you track these manual admin tasks that you perform every day, you can use Zapier more efficiently to automate these tasks, making your business workflow more efficient.

Say No To Missing Calls

Many people might forget to join a meeting held over a Zoom call. Thus, leaving the other participants clueless and possibly the only person in the call. Or was it you who forgot to dial in?

You can use Zapier to send you reminders. These can come in handy when you don't want to forget about meetings, zoom calls, or other important appointments.

Just like your personal assistant, Zapier can connect and sync with your calendar app. It will send you handy notifications through SMS, Slack, or email when the time comes to attend a meeting or a zoom call.

Make Your Customer Onboarding More Efficient

Once you’ve made a sale, that is hardly the end of it. You have to undergo a series of tasks that help to set up the new customer on various systems, ensuring they are receiving updates and how you are going to provide them with the required service. For this, you may need to set up a few initial workshops for them while having them sign a contract.

Related tasks, such as sending emails, managing your calendar, updating your CRM, and creating meetings on Zoom, can be managed with the help of Zapier.

Zapier will streamline the whole onboarding process. This makes sure that you save a lot of time and that you don't miss out on any important steps in the process. Your mind will be at ease knowing that all the data is accurate.

Making Your Performance More Consistent 

It is not uncommon for people to mess up and make mistakes by forgetting some tasks. Automating tasks eradicates human errors, making the performance a lot more consistent.

Zapier ensures that the processes carry out correctly. Ensuring there are no misses, and everything is done on time. Ensuring that files or emails don't fall through the cracks is a great way to manage the performance of any business. Any protocols or formulas should run through Zapier to ensure they work efficiently.

Integrating different apps through Zapier helps to eradicate human error. Thus, your business processes run more efficiently on a constant level.

Making The Process More Visible

You can add a lot more visibility to your processes by using Zapier. You may be using tools such as Slack or email to organize everything. Zapier can send you notifications whenever an important action is taken by any employee.

Using Zapier, you can also post important announcements to a company-wide audience through email. From any changes to a client's file to notifying a group of personnel to perform a specific task. Furthermore, employing Zapier in this manner lets everyone see what the instructions are and what needs to be done.

Zapier also improves process visibility. It does this by making everyone aware of their roles and responsibilities. It also, influences their work has on the broader process.

Summing Up

When you need to connect the apps in your business to update performance, Zapier can be a powerful and efficient option. Smaller businesses evolve their working style. Often, they use more specific and smaller apps to get the work done. Most businesses need to use multiple tools to perform separate tasks. Getting them to all work together is what Zapier does best to streamline output.

Zapier uses helpful actions and triggers to make sure no action is missed. Thus, everyone gets notifications of what they are to do. This saves time and frees up key personnel, enabling them to focus on more important tasks. So use Zapier's services to improve your company's overall efficiency.

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