How Walnut Can Give B2B Businesses a Competitive Edge

How Walnut Can Give B2B Businesses a Competitive Edge

B2B businesses and buying dynamics are shifting. With the advent of digital transformation, buyers are keen to have more control over their purchase decisions. They don’t want to engage in multiple phone calls and face-to-face meetings with sales representatives.

Instead, they want to use the internet to conduct their independent research, identify potential suppliers, and weigh their pros and cons. According to Gartner, buyers only spend 17% of their with B2B sellers when considering a purchase.

If you own a B2B business, your sales reps will likely only get 5 to 6% of a prospect’s time in their buying journey. How can you create a stellar impression on potential customers and stand out from your competitors in such a short period? One effective solution is to use interactive product demos tailored to their specific needs.

The Role of Product Demos in B2B Sales

Demos have always been an integral part of the B2B sales cycle. When properly executed, they can help highlight your product’s value to a prospect and influence their purchase decision in your favor. But with today’s B2B buyers becoming digital-savvy, cookie-cutter product demos no longer work.

You need demos that don’t just offer a rundown of your product’s features. Instead, they should showcase the full spectrum of use cases and capabilities. Additionally, they have to be personalized according to a prospect’s preferences and pain points.

An impactful demo can convince a prospect that your product is the right fit for their needs and ensure a seamless buying journey. That, in turn, can facilitate faster customer acquisition, helping you win an edge over competitors.

But creating product demos for different scenarios is complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, technical glitches can derail presentations and drive interested buyers away. That’s where an interactive demo creation solution helps you achieve that. I personally recommend Walnut.

How Walnut Simplifies Interactive Product Demos

Walnut is an industry leader that allows sales teams to create interactive and personalized product demos easily, without any coding required

Sales teams can quickly create and customize demos for each individual prospect’s needs. The Walnut platform allows users to copy successful demo templates they’ve created, and then make adjustments, to save time while ensuring personalization.

Their self-guided product demos allow prospects to be independent, and to try a product themselves without the hassle of needing to first book a call with a sales rep.

Furthermore, Walnut offers detailed analytics, which you can use to understand how prospects interact with different product demos. That, in turn, can help you optimize demos further. The software integrates with widely used CRM platforms, too, such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

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Simply put, Walnut can come in handy at different stages of the B2B sales cycle and set your customers up for success. Plus, it can cut down demo prep time from a few hours to three minutes (as was the case with Odaseva).

The Walnut & Odaseva Success Story

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Odaseva is a leading provider of Salesforce data protection solutions. The complex nature of the company’s product posed several challenges when creating demos.

For starters, sales reps and business development reps relied on an eight-member presales team to get demos ready. The presales team spent hours creating these demos. But the platform’s varied functionalities made it difficult to design use case-specific demos while maintaining consistency.

Moreover, during the demo, customers had to log in to several tools, including Odaseva, Salesforce, and others. The end result was missed sales opportunities. This is due to overly complex, technical, and inefficient demos. It led Odaseva’s VP of Solutions Engineering to look for demo creation tools and came across Walnut.

With Walnut’s easy-to-use interface, sales reps and BDRs at Odaseva could create personalized product demos for specific use cases, buyer personas, and industries. It freed up time for presales team members. Thus, they could focus on other tasks like prospecting and qualifying leads. Even if a sales rep was new to the team, they could use the demo library on Walnut to start giving demos right away.

Walnut helped Odaseva’s sales reps and BDRs become more self-sufficient. Now that sales reps and BDRs are equipped to nurture qualified leads, the company can explore opportunities to break into new markets from their new office in Australia without a presales team being based there.

Supercharge Your B2B Businesses Process With Walnut

Walnut isn’t just an average demo creation tool. It can be an effective resource for B2B businesses at every stage. From product development and lead nurturing to customer onboarding. It helps you cater to the unique needs of every potential and existing customer. All while eliminating friction from the buying journey.

Like Odaseva, you can even use Walnut to test new waters and expand your business to new locations. Ultimately, Walnut can help you rise above your competitors with a personalized and buyer-centric customer experience.

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