How to Utilize User-Generated Content for Your SEO Strategy

Utilize User-Generated Content for Your SEO Strategy

User-generated content in this digital period has provided opportunities for many. It helps to push more traffic to commerce sites, therefore boosting sales. Despite having personal networks, many customers rely on other customers’ online reviews to make their own decisions. Online reviews are one of the many forms of how user-generated content can influence your SEO strategies. Here are some ideas you can use to create an original SEO plan using user-generated content.

1. Keep Customer Feedback On-Topic

Different websites approach customer-generated content differently. Most of them have website managers who try to develop topics for debate. However, others take a more neutral approach and let users share what they want. The problem with the latter is that you lose control over the direction in which discussions will take place. Users can quickly get off-topic and talk about other things irrelevant to your brand. Thus, hurting your business' future and lowering your search engine rankings.

In light of this, it's wise to lead conversations in the desired direction. One good way of doing this is by creating posts that highlight various issues and asking your users for their reviews.

2. Cancel Spam

In the early days of blogging, many bloggers would ask users to leave comments. Then, for their contributions, they'd be rewarded by adding dofollow links for their websites or social platforms in their comments. The issue with this strategy was that it later led to massive spam problems. Which, in turn, discouraged commentators from using their dofollow links.

Concerning this, you need to follow the same strategy and ensure that people leaving user-generated content won’t spam your site. One of the effective ways to do this is by moderating your site and deleting any obvious spam you come across.

3. Recognize Users Who Provide Beneficial Content

Some consumers share user-generated content either because they want the attention or to be helpful to the website owner. All in all, if you're allowed to benefit from user-generated content for SEO as a website owner, it’s helpful that you give the right motivation to the consumers.

You don't have to spend a lot of money motivating people to leave user-generated content. One way to save money is by holding a competition. For example, encourage people to share the best videos, stories, or other media and award the best contributor a $100 gift card. Another way of economically motivating your consumers is by acknowledging their contribution on your business blog or social media platform.

4. Inspire Influencers and the Best Contributors to Share Content

It’s good to note that each contributor will influence your business differently. Some will be of more value to your business when providing information is concerned. These customers will develop suitable content that reflects your trademark. Thus, can help improve your search engine ratings.

In regards to this, it is advantageous to build bonds with consumers that contribute the best content. This means they'll keep increasing the value of your website. You can also reach out to suitable influencers and invite them to share information concerning your brand on their websites. This is possible only if you provide opportunities for them to improve their brand in the process.

5. Utilize Social Media for Customer Reviews

These days, SEO success has been proven that it can be made more effective by using a strategy on social media. Social media plays the role of engaging your consumers and bringing visitors to your website. This, in turn, boosts your website's visibility and improves performance on search engines like Google.

In connection to this, user-generated content for SEO will bring more customers to your website. By reposting real customer videos and photos on your business social channels, you'll expand your brand. You'll also encourage users to participate in content creation for your business.


Customers are the best tools for marketing. As much as customers trust advice from their various networks, most use other customers' online reviews to decide. Customers have a higher tendency to follow the suggestion of other consumers. This is because of the psychological trait known as social prosocial proof. The trait makes people assume that other people's actions reflect the appropriate behavior for a circumstance.

As a result of including user-generated content into your SEO plans, improvement in your search ratings and building social proof for your business is a guarantee. Finally, are you familiar with the typical SEO mistakes people can avoid? Kindly share with us by leaving your comments below.

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