How to Utilize Topical Authority to Increase Organic Website Traffic

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Your website traffic will soar if you know how to use topical authority. You’d be amazed at where it can bring your website and the breakthroughs that it will bring when it comes to reach. This article will tell you essential things you need to know to increase organic website traffic.  

Before we dive deeper though,  do you even know what topical authority is? 

In Internet marketing, topical authority refers to the credibility of a website or an online platform. It is the recognition by many of a website’s comprehensive coverage and expertise on a given topic or niche. 

Do you have topical authority?

Your website has topical authority if people visit it to learn about a particular topic. It is a topical authority in a niche if it is the first website that comes to mind when people need to learn about something. The following factors contribute to topical authority:

  1.   Production of high-quality content
  2.   Authoritative backlinks
  3.   Niche specialization
  4.   Freshness
  5.   Consistency
  6.   Social signals
  7.   User Engagement
  8.   Expert contributors
  9.   Expert authors

What is organic website traffic?

It is the regular traffic rate of a website that is reached without the need to pay for ads or paid referrals from different channels and websites. It is the very thing that we will discuss here. The following are superb ways to increase organic website traffic:

  1. Extensive keyword research.

A website that has topical authority knows its keywords. This is why it is imperative that you identify relevant topics and keywords that involve your niche. Knowing the right keywords will bring you the attention of all the right people. 

  1. Valuable and comprehensive content.

Make it a point to offer content that covers all possible angles of a topic. Your website should be able to provide high-quality information. It should be able to give insights and perspectives that no other websites can offer. It should provide articles that people look for. Your content must be clear and honest. You should leave no stone unturned when providing information about a certain topic. 

  1. Long-tail keywords.

The beautiful thing with long-tail keywords is you have little to no competition. With a long-tail keyword, you can be sure that people will only be going straight to your site. In using long-tail keywords, make it a point to pick ones that cut to the heart of your topic of choice. It has to be extremely relevant. It has to be a concept that truly interests people. 

  1. On-page elements.

The devil is in the details. This is why you should not skip on taking advantage of on-page elements. You should optimize the use of the following:

  • URLs – try to have one that is user-friendly and can be recalled easily
  • headers – this will make it easier for search engines to tag your content
  • meta tags – search engines will find their way through your meta tags
  • internal linking – very easy to do but potent as it doubles your reach
  1. Solid backlinks.

You should invest on having good backlinks. Your backlinks should always include reputable websites within your niche. You should have backlinks from authoritative sources. This will make it easier for your website to rank higher. It would be like standing on the shoulder of giants. 

  1. Content collaboration.

Content collaboration will also widen the reach of your website and effectively increase your website traffic. This is due to the access that you will have from other websites with topical authority. Collaborative content will allow you to welcome new readers and followers. It’s one of the easiest ways to add new and unique traffic to your website. 

  1. Social media utilization.

You should also not sleep on social media platforms. Social media platforms have millions of readers everyday. It is a form of self-sabotage if you will miss out on promoting your website. The good thing with promotion with social media platforms is that you don’t have to spend at all. One post can bring you to new people every single day. Don’t miss out on this.

  1. User-generated content.

User-generated content has a unique charm because they are honest and transparent. This is why you should make it a point to invite your audience to contribute and engage with you. Make your readers share their opinions, thoughts, and experiences. This will add a unique value to your website. This will also bring in new information that you normally don’t have access to. Have a website that brings about a sense of community. 

  1. Accurate and timely information.

You should always be updated with the latest developments and news in your niche. Having the information first and delivering it instantly to your readers will solidify your topical authority. This will easily make your website an authority in a certain topic. Having accurate and updated information at all times will make people see you as a reliable expert in your niche. 

  1. Monitoring.

Anything that must be improved must be measured. If you’re serious about improving your website traffic, then you should dedicate time to fully see where your website is at now so you may be clear on where you want it to go. Use analytic tools to track metrics and the effectiveness of keyword rankings. All your decisions must be data-driven and backed up by fresh information. You should know the things that your audience likes and dislikes. You should move and plan based on the collected data. 

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