How to Increase Your LinkedIn Inmail Response Rates

Can you believe it if I say; people are much more willing to reply to LinkedIn InMails than traditional mail? That’s true! A survey shows that, in InMails, senders get 18-25% responses on average, whereas the rate is only 3% on email.

But, it is also true that to get a response, you have to send InMails in the right way to the right person. There are some particular steps that you can follow to write InMails that will be effective and establish a good affinity with the receiver, recruiter, or lead.

In this write-up, we have demonstrated all those crucial aspects of writing an enthralling InMail message that can have the receiver respond. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is LinkedIn InMail?

Before perceiving how to increase LinkedIn InMail response rates, you have to know what LinkedIn InMail is.

LinkedIn is a social platform that helps expand your professional network. On this platform, it is a bit difficult to send messages to people who are not your connections. That’s where InMail can be used to get rid of the restriction.

But what does InMail actually mean? This question may come to the users’ minds, especially to those who are beginners.  Well, it is a premium feature that enables you to send private messages to people who are not in your connections.

One thing you should keep in mind is that only users who have chosen to accept the messages will receive these kinds of communications on the account they own.

As InMail is a premium service, you have to pay a subscription fee to use the feature. After subscribing, you’ll have LinkedIn credits on your account that will enable you to send messages to the person that you want. That’s it.

How To Send InMail on LinkedIn? 

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Inmail Response Rates

To send an Inmail, you have to follow some simple steps. For your convenience, we have given those steps below. Hopefully, you’ll be benefited.

  1. To find the candidate to whom you want to send a message, use the search bar and then open their profile.
  2. For getting multiple options in a dropdown menu, tap on the “More” option.
  3. Now, choose “Message.”
  4. Write your Message
  5. Tap on the “Send Button”

Why Is The Subject Line Important In LinkedIn InMails?

LinkedIn email InMail

Subject lines play a crucial role to get responses in both InMail and traditional Mail. Suppose, you have typed a message and are confident enough that you are confident enough to get a response, but your subject line is not solid enough to get noticed. What do you think you will get replies to? No! Not at all. The question may come to your mind, why?

Ok, the subject line is the first thing that the receiver notices.  If it is not enthralling enough, the person you have sent the message to will be less likely to even open the message. That’s why your subject line should be clear and attractive so that it can grab the attention of the candidate.

Keep the subject line for LinkedIn InMail always straightforward and concise, don’t make it difficult. The subject lines that are difficult to understand don’t get much response, usually.

How To Write The Best Subject Lines

There are some tips that you can follow to write the best subject lines for LinkedIn InMail. Let’s check them out.

  1. Add hints that the InMail is beneficial to the candidate like it could save problems, address the main point, or offer other benefits.
  2. You can do research on the candidate, to write messages according to their profession, desires, and interests.
  3. Make sure that the subject lines are connected to the message.
  4. Avoid writing long and unclear sentences.
  5. Do mention mutual connection. To increase your connection, you can use LinkedIn bots that can also be used for recommendations and sending messages.
  6. Humor or question can be used to get the attention of the candidate.
  7. Don’t forget to capitalize on urgency and curiosity.

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Inmail Response Rates [5 Effective Tips]


So, in this segment, we have given some valuable tips that will help you perceive what things actually play a significant role in increasing InMail response rate.

1. Specify a Goal for Each InMail 

You have to set a specific goal for each InMail. Don’t forget that, initially, you would like to establish affiliation with the person and then go over mutually beneficial opportunities.

InMail is not just an opportunity for sales, but also networking or career advancement. That’s why you have to put a figure in the interest of your target candidate.

Never forget to write a causal message that doesn’t include any sales intensities or direct requests for help. 

2. Write an Attractive Subject Line

The subject line confers the first impression of who you are. That’s why it should be creative and interesting as well that will attract the candidate and motivate them to open and read your message. Research shows that most people open LinkedIn InMail based on the subject line alone. So, write it clearly and avoid writing long and difficult sentences on the subject line. The above instructions can be followed to write enthralling subject lines.

3. Personalize Your InMail

Customizing a message makes it more eye-catching to explore, who are often blasted by cold email on every single day. Without customization,  the person you have targeted will delete your message without even opening it. Try to do some background search on the explorers and find something you can mention in your message. Includes some interests and curiosity which will increase your chance of getting a response.

For instance, “Hey John, I just read your write-up on [Topic], and it’s incredible! It was really helpful for me too because of my situation with XYZ.

4. Write Clear, Meaningful, & Short Message

What would you feel if you got a long message with an unclear subject? You might be bored for sure, right? The same thing could happen to your targeted person. So, whenever and whatever you write in a message, try to demonstrate it clearly. Besides, make sure that the subject you wanted to write up has been clearly portrayed. Otherwise, there is less chance to get a reply from the candidate.

5. Use Humor to Have Attention

Humor is one of the best ways to make your InMails more human-oriented and enjoyable. Apart from that, it helps fix all future communication down to a fun tone. Many people get shy to include humor in their message, which is completely the wrong direction. But, make sure that the humor you have included seems natural; it will bring the opposite.

Final Thoughts

So, it was all about how to increase your LinkedIn InMail response rates. If you can send a message to your targeted person following the points that we have described above, there is a high chance of getting a response. Just avoid the things that we have been told to avoid and include those things that are suggested. The important facts that you should never forget are, try to write the subject line eye-catching and provide hints on what you have written in your message. In the message, stay away from writing difficult and too-long sentences to get a response from your candidate on InMail.

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