How To Get Started With Crypto Trading?

Get Started With Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that runs on a blockchain system. You can track and store this currency through this blockchain system as well. Each of the networks has its rights which make it unique. We divide these currencies into categories since there is no limit to them. Cryptocurrencies have grown popular in the last decade and the growth rates are astounding.

According to statistics, BitCoin alone had the marketing capitalization of $1072.21 billion in February 2021. It is probably why most people are starting to incline towards these currencies. However, the question is: How to get started with crypto trading? If you have asked yourself this question multiple times then do not worry. We will explain everything there is to know about it if you are a beginner. So, let us begin without further ado.

Tips For Crypto Trading

If you are thinking of stepping into crypto trading then you should look into the following tips:

Understand the difference between Trading and Investment

You should know that there is quite a lot of difference between trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. If you are someone new to the industry then crypto trading might be the best option for you. Crypto trading is short-term which means you can earn smaller profits in a shorter period by investing and flushing from the market at the right time.

Do Your Research

A crypto trader makes an amount of at least $18,000 per year which is still much higher than most industries. It means that you can stay in the green zone if you become a good trader by researching the market in general. This includes seeing all your currency options, the recent trends, and factors that might affect the currencies. It will help you understand the cryptosystem better and make wiser decisions rather than just making random moves. You will be able to make targeted guesses and have higher chances of scoring profits.

Decide Between Long Term and Short Term Trading

It is essential to choose a specific strategy that you want to follow through your business venture. You wouldn’t want to keep changing your tactics every few weeks because you won’t get results this way. If you are someone with a good understanding and enough investable capital then start by going into a long-term investment. Unlike short-term trading, you will have to keep your money in for a longer time. However, you can reap more profits in the long run.

Make A Plan and Follow it

The most common mistake most people make is they experiment a lot. We agree that experimentation is good at times but it isn’t always suitable. There are a few red flags that you should avoid that are as follows:

Volatility:  most people love cryptocurrency because it is volatile but it can be equally dangerous. Therefore, you must proceed with caution. Double-digit changes are quite common which might either bring you a lot of profit OR loss.

Manipulation: Stay away from the slightest sign of manipulation since the crypto market is open and decentralized. Things like wash trading and manipulation are not uncommon which could leave you in a disaster so be careful.

Calculate the Pattern

The market usually follows a pattern, but not always. You should focus on this pattern if you want to save yourself from a heavy loss.

Investing Too Much

You shouldn’t invest more money than you have because a loss could land you in serious trouble. You may have to deal with everything from loans to property auctions, so be careful. When your strategy is proven to be profitable you may consider trading with leverage on platforms like Margex, which allow you to make more profits without making huge investments.

Choose the Right Trading Method

There are two ways of trading in cryptocurrency

  1. Direct trading: this means dealing with actual cash, this sounds appealing but your funds could reduce over time leaving you with little to no money.
  2. Derivative Trading: you can simply bet on the market without owning any cryptocurrencies. It is a better approach since it is more flexible and allows a lot of freedom for the buyer. So, make sure that you make your choice carefully.


Starting with Cryptocurrency trading isn’t hard. You can follow these tips and make tons of profits if you do it right. The bigger challenge is surviving in the market; thus, you can find more information here. We will help you and assist you in reeling in more profits.

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