How to Get More Dental Leads and Help Your Practice Thrive

Dentals Leads

What if there was a rotten cavity inside of your dental business? No matter how big your practice, every dentist dreams of growing their business. And in order to grow your business, you need high-quality dental leads.

Wondering about the best way to grow your leads and boost your bottom line? Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. Keep reading to discover the answer!

Social Media Presence

Does your dental practice have a presence on social media? If not, you need to buff up your online presence ASAP!

Social media is a great way to cross-promote some of your existing content. You can link to customer testimonials, articles you have written, and so on.

And social media also turns your biggest fans into brand ambassadors. They can like and share your posts with all of their friends and followers. These kinds of online endorsements from a trusted source are the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising and is one of the big reasons Facebook marketing for dentists is so powerful.

Customers can also easily contact you via chat and ask their queries or promote your business by letting their friends and relatives know that they know a reliable emergency dentist in Tampa. This kind of accessibility builds loyalty and brand awareness that keeps your leads nice and warm.

Facebook Ads

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of social media when it comes to generating leads. You can really take this to the next level with Facebook Ads.

These ads provide a way for new customers to easily and organically discover your dental practice on Facebook. And they serve as an important step into bringing prospective customers into your sales funnel.

Such ads also let you target specific demographics with specific kinds of marketing. That's the real key to lead generation: finding the customers who are most interested in what you have to offer.

Keep in mind that a good dental marketing company can help you make the most of Facebook Ads. If you're interested in a company that can help generate a ton of leads, you should check it out right now!

Content Marketing

You don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing your dental practice. In fact, it's good to get back to basics and focus on content marketing.

Such marketing offers customers a kind of "quid pro quo." When they see what free content you are offering to them, they become likelier to take advantage of your services.

The keyword with content marketing is "useful." You should offer articles on better dental cleaning, low-cost toothbrushes, and easy ways to whiten the teeth.

Ultimately, good content marketing generates leads by boosting your SEO. And as we noted before, you can cross-promote this content across social media to achieve truly impressive results.

Ask for Referrals

Here's a bit of ancient wisdom: You'll never get what you don't ask for. As it turns out, this actually applies to your dental practice!

One of your most powerful lead generation tools is your existing customer base. When they refer a friend, that friend is much likelier to be receptive to you, your business, and your services.

So you shouldn't just wait for customers to refer their friends. Instead, you should ask them to make referrals whenever they come in for cleanings and fillings.

Don't be afraid to sweeten the deal by offering referral bonuses. For instance, you might offer a customer a $50 credit towards their next visit for every customer they refer to you.

The customer will be happy to get $50 in credit for a quick conversation with their friend. And you'll get an easy lead that may turn into lifelong customers.

Stack Those CTAs

That content marketing and social media marketing we mentioned earlier? It's important to have plenty of calls to action as part of that marketing. But to truly succeed, you must take your CTA game to another level.

For example, you can offer your customers a free guide to whiter teeth. The only catch? They must sign up for your online newsletter (more on this in a minute).

Your customers will be excited to get "something for nothing." And you'll quickly build up a collection of leads simply by offering your customers something of value.

Embrace the Upsell

As a dentist, you know about the many services that your practice has to offer. But be honest: do your customers know that you do more than fillings and cleanings?

This is why it's important to upsell to your customers. While you don't want to come off like an annoying car salesman, the truth is you will never have a better chance to directly market to your customers.

For best results, upsell related services. Someone getting their teeth whitened would probably be interested in learning about the other kinds of cosmetic dentistry that you can offer them.

When customers realize how many different ways you can help them out, you'll start seeing those customers more often.

Video Testimony

Chances are that your website already has written customer testimonials. But if you want to truly modernize the testimonial page, you need to add some video testimonials as well.

Such video testimonials will appear more authentic to your customers. Instead of seeming like a hollow endorsement, a well-made video helps showcase the real people you have helped over the years.

Video also provides a natural way to showcase "before and after" images. This is especially important with cosmetic dentistry because the video lets new customers imagine how you can transform their smile!

Don't forget that these videos are also a great thing to share via social media and your newsletter.

Online Newsletter

The essential function of a dental newsletter is to keep you on your customer's minds. However, it's also a really great way to offer ongoing value to everyone who reads it.

Fill these newsletters with relevant news as well as brief tips about dental care. And throw in the occasional coupon so that your readers feel rewarded.

Your newsletter is ultimately a smaller version of your website. And it lets you bring content directly to countless inboxes!

Dental Leads: Brighter Future, Brighter Smiles

Now you know how to generate more dental leads. But do you know who can take your business over the top?

I specialize in digital marketing. To take my wisdom wherever you go, be sure to check out my podcast today!


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