4 Ways to Attract More Patients to Your New Dental Practice

Attract More Patients to Your New Dental Practice

Just started a dental practice and trying to figure out how to get the word out? Having trouble attracting more patients to your clinic? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We understand how challenging it is to grow a dental practice, especially now that competition has gotten fiercer than ever. The fact that you need at least 20 new patients each month to achieve progress and success doesn’t help either.

Good thing you’re here. This post will explore four of the best dental marketing practices to get new dentists like you on the right track. Considering that 77% of patients refer to the World Wide Web to find healthcare specialists, we'll only be focusing on online strategies.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Develop & Optimize a Dental Website

First things first, you need to have a website for your dental practice.

Your professional website is basically the first point of contact for your prospects. Think of it as a salesperson that’s working endlessly for your practice. It should be engaging and interactive so you can convert visitors into new patients. And, it should be optimized for search engines so people looking for dentists can easily find you on Google.

A successful dental website usually has these features:

  • Simple navigation
  • Uncluttered web design
  • High-quality photos of your clinic and team
  • Complete contact details
  • Blog section for dental-related topics like dental procedures and oral care
  • Patient reviews and testimonials

Unless you have a strong background in web design and SEO, we highly suggest you hire a digital marketing agency, preferably one that has worked for the dental industry, for the best results.

2. Leverage Online Directory Listings

Listing down your dental practice on popular online directories like Yelp, Vitals, Better Bureau, and Angie’s List will boost your chances of getting more bookings.

People searching on these websites are usually there for two reasons: They don’t have a dentist yet or they have plans to switch. Either way, they’re definitely the kind of patients you want to target. That’s exactly why you should submit your listings.

Make sure that all the information you provide are error-free and consistent across all platforms. Google and other search engines will look at them to determine how to rank your website in local search. If they see any mistakes or inconsistencies, they’ll rank you poorly.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd

Setting yourself apart from the rest of the dental practices in your area is always a good idea to attract more patients.

One effective way to do it is by establishing a unique selling proposition (USP) for your brand. Here, you focus on your unique services and other things that distinguish you from everyone else.

Whether you specialize in Invisalign, dentures, dental implants, or sedation dentistry, highlighting them on your site will no doubt give people a reason to schedule an appointment. Also, if you allow after-hours, offer spa-like amenities, or use state-of-the-art technologies, be sure to let your web visitors know.

Apart from emphasizing the specialties that give you an edge over others, having distinctive dental branding is another tactic proven to entice people into booking an appointment. Your brand represents your dental business as a whole, and it tells your audience what you’re really about.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

4.62 billion people around the world are now on social media, and 54% of them are there to research products and/or services. What’s more, social media has been a method of communicating with businesses for 90% of those with an account.

This is why you should work towards maintaining a strong social presence. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, posting quality content that resonates with your audience should be a priority.

However, avoid posting too much in a day, as it can hurt your engagement. Brands that post twice on social media a day only receive 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments, according to Track Social. A single post per day should be enough.

Wondering what types of dental content normally get the most engagement on social media? Take a look at them below!

  • Before and after photos of your patients (with their consent, of course!)
  • Videos highlighting your expertise and dental procedures
  • Behind-the-scene videos and images of your staff to humanize your brand
  • Infographics to make it easier for everyone to understand complicated topics

More important than publishing engaging content is to interact with your prospective and existing patients. Respond to their questions and comments, create surveys or polls to know more about them, or host a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session at least once a month.

Utilize the above techniques to attract more patients and generate great word-of-mouth.

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