How to Create Influencer Marketing Strategy

Create Influencer Marketing Strategy

How do you manage your relationship with an influencer? How do you achieve your campaign goals? To have influencers, you need to have strategies that will help you to get to them. Think of any type of relationship you have. There have to be rules of engagement because, in any healthy relationship, disagreements and difficulties will come. But how exactly do we deal with them? Think of the last time you were searching for a friend on a social platform. How did you get to them? You had to scour the web, changing keywords just to see if there was any chance of getting them. Here are strategies and ways to use influencer marketing.

1. Determine Your Campaign goals

The first step to achieving anything great is having a vision. With your vision lace it with goals and to goals, add mechanisms of achieving them. How else will you know your success rates if you have no goals? It is always recommended that before laying your tools on a project, you set SMART goals. Even with the goals, of importance to consider is reach, relevance and resonance. How else will you focus on the many aspects of influencer marketing without knowing these?

  • Reach

This enables effective deliverance of content to your audience through an influencer. This creates brand awareness. To paint this picture, think of the number of people who view the content on your product that you pose. If you are just starting, you will agree with me that very few people get to view your product. Even before getting to influencers, you can buy social media services; you can buy Twitch followers and others from trusted sellers. What happens when content about your product is posted by an influencer? The numbers will exponentially increase, at least in most cases.

  • Relevance

How do your audience feel about your brand due to efforts made by the influencer? Do they feel more connected, do you experience negative comments about your products as a result of using an influencer? Take care not to market your brand with an influencer that is not loved by your audience. If your target audiences notice an influencer whom they adore with your product, definitely they will feel a strong connection with your product. This is what you want

  • Resonance

Do you experience any change in audience behavior as a result of influencers' content? Relevance is the influencer's ability to drive the audience towards a specific course of action. They should sell impact and memorability. Relevance has several advantages such as increasing followers' accounts, driving traffic to your account, and increasing conversion rates.

2. Define your campaign audience

Irrespective of the type of influencer you choose, remember your target audience remains the same. There are different types of influencers, each with its way of connecting with the audience. Do you know your audience persona? Do you know what moves the needle for them? With the buyer's persona and characteristics, you can know the type of influencer to go for and align her strategy with your goals. Moreover, you will know the type of content that's more appealing to your target audience and work with influencers to provide exactly that.

3. Set your budget and choose the kind of influencer accordingly

There are several types of influencers, have you familiarized yourself with them and learned their differences? Having known the categories of influencers, you can easily discern which type is the best to work with as per your business goals and strategies. For a startup, for instance, a micro-influencer is preferable. If a medium-sized company, a celebrity influencer, or KOL who is experienced in the industry will just serve you right.

Just imagine a startup that decides to go for a celebrity influencer who ends up charging more than they had budgeted for? As published by HubSpot Blog Research, 90% of marketers have a definite budget for influencers; 45% allocate around $100k to 500k dollars for the same. Be among the 90% who allocated a specific budget just so you easily choose the kind of influencer you want.

4. Develop a campaign message for your influencer

Once you have the influencer, determine the kind of content you want the influencer to include in your campaign. Don’t forget to share details of your brand such as brand voice, tag lines, and language. Remember to review all expectations you have for the influencer together with any they have for you just so you are on the same page.

Strategies allow you to have metrics for gauging your results. Else how would know that the campaign was successful? Make these strategies your guiding principles because we need you on the other side of business operations; celebrating business success, hey!

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