How to Choose the Right IP Telephony for the Office Guide 2022

Over the last decade, the business sector has undergone massive changes. Just look at the modern forms of communication like IP telephony. The integration of VoIP technology has brought a variety of extra features and functionalities. With a strong internet connection, VoIP phone providers like HotTelecom now enable a high level of flexibility in any location.

Choose the Right IP Telephony for the Office Guide

To enjoy the technological advances, you should find the right IP telephony system. Your choice will depend on your business needs. Well, there are some other nuances to consider.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows people receive and make phone calls over an internet connection. Corporate customers prefer using a VoIP phone service rather than a traditional phone line. It is faster, easier, and more affordable.


The use of VoIP has become a normal thing in the business sector. Its major benefits are as follows:

  • Incoming calls can be made and received through your personal computer, VoIP phone sets, and even your mobile phone (Android / iOS).
  • Speaker’s voice, hold and wait times, as well as overall conversation, can be tracked during the call.
  • One number can be used by several employees simultaneously.
  • Flexibility to use the same business phone number in any location.
  • Cheaper rates for domestic and international calls compared to traditional phone lines.
  • Popular business VoIP providers offer business packages with SMSs, internet fax, team messages, and video conferencing features.

How to Choose the Best IP Telephony for Your Business?

The choice of the best Voice over IP telephony shouldn’t be a spontaneous decision. Some solutions have poor functionality, while others are extremely expensive. Clarify which features are essential for your business and get down to work. Here are the steps to be taken:

Shop around

Every company has a budget to stick to. This is why you can’t grab the very first VoIP solution on your way. Instead, you need to compare the available options. Finding a good compromise between available features and current prices will be your final goal. By the way, some providers even offer price matching services on their websites.

Check awards

Industry recognition is a good sign that the VoIP provider delivers high-quality products and services. Check if it has ever won an award. Make sure that its category matches your business size.

Look for diverse dialing options

The best thing about IP telephony solutions is their ability to make calls in different ways. Their most common feature is to copy a traditional PBX, where employees make calls and talk using handsets. Some VoIP solutions allow you to connect your existing phones. The others provide luxury VoIP phones with an extended set of features.

Plan for third-party integration

The ability to connect to other business systems is a serious aspect of VoIP’s functionality. You should take a look at the list of pre-built integrations with whatever software. A smart dose of extensions like, Dropbox, and Google Drive may help you establish more effective custom workflows.

Get a free trial

Buying a serious piece of equipment without giving it a ride isn’t the best idea. Fortunately, most VoIP solutions come up with a free trial. This way, you can proceed with a test drive before making the final decision. Once there is a chance of a free trial, use it in your office environment effectively.

Go through training

If there is a training option available, you should go for it. If your business faces VoIP for the first time, your employees may need some help to master the new equipment. It doesn’t take much time. And it is usually offered free of charge.

Check the availability of SLAs

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) determines the level of service to benefit from. It may vary from one provider to another. So make sure to ask for a copy to compare the available options. Most of them are provided with a five-hour fix time.

Read the small print

When you check out the description of VoIP solutions, you should focus on the details. Tricky nuances usually hide between the lines. For example, you will find out usage terms and destinations excluded from call plans. You will also check whether the contract will get renewed automatically or some action is required.

Look through the reviews

Read reviews left by other users on the internet. They will help you form an objective opinion on this or that VoIP product. Ideally, you will talk to someone who is currently using this service.

Check the term options

Some providers offer fixed and flexible contracts. Depending on your business needs, you can choose the most appropriate format for yourself. It is important to find out how the offered terms might affect the final price and the further user experience.

Don't rely on second-class support

The level of customer service may determine the quality of your user experience. How well will your VoIP service function? For example, VoIP delivers 24/7 phone support for customers with plans for several users. If you manage an international business with around-the-clock operations, you need a service provider that will keep your queries answered instantly.

Stay calm!

If you don’t have the technical competence and you don’t have an internal IT resource, you may be left alone. So don’t worry! There are independent consultants who can assist you. It’s crucial to understand what you’re buying. After all, you will be using the VoIP product in the workplace every day. Ask for help when you need it.

Desk setup with VOIP

Summing Up

The VoIP technology offers a lot of flexibility and freedom to the business sector. It has made it easy for companies of different sizes to have a business phone number. Whether you’re a small organization or a large corporation, you can use business VoIP.

The main thing is to find the best IP telephony solution. By following the above steps, you will pay attention to the right details. Once you do your homework, you will end up with an efficient IP phone product.

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