How Do You Make Virtual Team Meetings Fun?

Make Virtual Team Meetings Fun

The worldwide pandemic has created an uproar in our lives. But, with that, we can make a physical appearance in our workplaces, educational institutions, etc. So, the new trend of virtual meetings has started. Initially, it seemed exciting, but now it has become boring. You can fight off the online fatigue and seek the attendee’s attention by trying to make a virtual meeting fun. This article will discuss several ways to make your virtual team meetings fun. Some examples may be changing the background theme and online games. Let’s read ahead to learn more. 

1. Virtual Icebreakers:

Virtual icebreakers are activities for a short period that happen at the beginning of the meeting. The concept of virtual icebreakers is to initiate the warm-up conversation between the attendees or the teammates. In addition, it is acquiring information about coworkers.

To use it, you have to learn how to apply virtual icebreakers:

  1. Consider your fellow attendees’ lifestyles, hobbies, and interests.
  2. Choose a quick activity.
  3. Allow everyone individually to respond.

2. Virtual Team Building Games:

Online team building games are also called virtual team building games or online conference games. They are competitive games to strengthen the communication and critical thinking of teammates. You have to choose a game depending upon the size and length of the group and explain the rules to everyone.

Then you have to give time to everyone to compete, and after completion, you have to declare a winner and give a virtual reward. Through these online games, you can grab the attention and interest of the attendees.

3. Remote Team Building Challenges:

Several challenges are available where you as team members can turn competitors and perform certain activities. You can celebrate the completion of the objective. Some of the best remote or virtual team-building games or challenges can be drinking water, yoga poses for a day, etc. You can occupy teams remotely through remote challenges during team meetings.

4. Team Building Activities:

There is a wide range of variety when it comes to team-building activities. But you have to learn how to perform team-building activities. Firstly, you have to choose the competitive team you’d like to target. Then you have to choose an activity, game or an exercise and explain the rules.

Thirdly, you have to give them some time to compete. Some of these team-building activities can be virtual dance parties or trivia games. To make virtual team meetings fun, you can involve virtual team-building games among your team members.


With that, we have concluded this article. However, we hope we could help you with the tips to make your virtual team meetings fun that we shortlisted for you. The motive to make online meetings fun is to seek the attendee’s attention and produce a productive and enjoyable vibe and build good relationships between the teammates. With the points that we mentioned above, you will create a balance between business, interaction, and entertainment.

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