How do Electronics Companies Maximize Their QR Codes in the Products They Launch and Sell?

Electronics Companies Maximize Their QR Codes in the Products

Most electronics companies today are finding new ways to minimize the use of paper manuals in every product they pack and sell in the market. As such the use of digitalized manuals has become their best option for use.

Implementing a paperless helps to modernize their electronics product packaging. However, their means of directing customers to secure a digital copy of the electronics manual is still in question.

Because of that, they are torn between the use of QR codes and just adding a website link that contains the manual and product purchase registration.

As convenience for the customers is one of the factors that most electronics companies uphold, the use of QR codes becomes the central point of redefining their electronic product packaging.

What is a QR code and why electronics companies are integrating the use of it in their product packaging?

A Quick Response code or QR code is a two-dimensional type of barcode. It encodes more content and decodes faster than the horizontal barcodes. This type of barcode was invented and introduced in the automotive assembly system. It first appeared in an automotive subsidiary of its parent company named Denso Wave in 1994.

With its breakthrough takeoff in the automotive industry, many technology-based companies sought to use QR codes. Especially as they can simplify many complicated processes.

Due to its limitless potential in many industries, creating a QR code is made easier with the use of an online QR code generator with logo. This allows personal and business use.

Because of the availability of a QR code maker online, many electronics companies have started integrate these codes in their product packaging. Electronics companies can use many QR code functions to give access to target consumers.

Ways on how QR codes are utilized by electronics companies?

Many people are now seeing QR codes attached in their electronics and appliances. Either on a get started slip, or on the box itself. This offers simple yet intuitive packaging and user experience. Better customer experience is broken down into four known modern functions.

Redirecting customers to the product registration site

By completely replacing the physical product registration pamphlet with a QR code that redirects customers to an online registration site, the burden of doing more transactions in-store lessens.

Through this technique, the time spent by customers in the store lessens. It also gives them the option to register the device they recently purchased anytime. This practice often increases warranty registration rates.

Linking customers to a digital get started guide

Together with completely immersing customers in a new way to set up their product with a lesser amount of paper that comes in the product, electronics companies are integrating the use of a PDF QR code. This stores the digital get started guide. Customers simply scan and download the file into their smartphones.

Scan to View digital Electronic Appliance Set Up Demos

Aside from them making a sensible switch to QR codes as a portal for their digital get started guide, some electronics companies are also incorporating the use of it in storing an electronic or appliance setup demo for the customers to view and follow.

Display nearest electronics and appliance service center location

As the products these companies have are electronics appliances, the chances for the product to malfunction can be high. Because of that, many customers activate the warranty. This then covers the damage the product has. However, in many cases they still be go into in the service centers.

As most customers anow use online maps to go new places, QR codes are now helping electronics companies to direct their customers to the nearest service centers. They simply scan and select on the center shown in their Maps app to pin. In many cases, they can also make an appointment for the repair their product needs.


Since the electronics industry is one of the highest-grossing spaces in the market today, the competition between companies tightens. Especially with those that specialize in manufacturing and selling electronics and appliances.

Most customers are looking for the best products, purchasing experience and unboxing with the products they buy. Electronics companies can upgrade their packaging with the use of a QR code generator with logo. Thereby, making their product presentation modern and intuitive for consumers. A custom QR code lets customers scan it to view all the things they need to learn and apply.

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