Getting the Compensation You Deserve After the Delayed Onset of an Injury

Getting the Compensation You Deserve After the Delayed Onset of an Injury

Back in 2016, a man was shopping in an Albertsons in California. He was going about his day when he suffered a bad slip near the meat section after stepping in a puddle. He suffered a hard fall and broke his nose. After getting medical treatment for the broken nose, he seemed fine. Months later, however, he started having memory problems and other mental difficulties and it was apparent he should pursue getting the compensation you deserve.

Doctors took an MRI and found that the man had suffered a subdural hematoma, which occurs when blood builds up on the surface of the brain. Doctors had to move quickly to drain the fluids before his condition got worse. A broken nose is a pretty severe injury for a slip and fall, and yet, it’s not much compared to a subdural hematoma. In this case, the patient and his doctors weren’t initially aware of the injury, but it turned up later.

The patient sued Albertsons, and in 2022, he was awarded a $4.3 million settlement. If you or a loved one have suffered a slip-and-fall or other personal injury, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for signs of further medical problems. In some cases, the full extent of your injuries might not become known until weeks or months after the accident. By working with an attorney, you may secure the compensation you deserve.

The Pain and Injuries Might Not Show Up Right Away

If you suffer a slip-and-fall, car accident, or whatever else, you’ll likely feel a lot of pain the day of. That said, you may quickly recover and think that you’re fine after a few days of rest and respite. Problem is, the incident could have caused damage that goes unnoticed.

Often, injuries start small, but if they are not caught by medical professionals, they can snowball into more serious medical problems. A small tear in a muscle suffered after a bad slip could become a major tear that leaves someone bedridden. Or, a fractured bone could break completely, leaving someone on crutches. Whatever the case, it’s crucial for people to monitor their health after a car accident, slip, product malfunction, or whatever else to be aware of issues and consider pursuing getting the compensation you deserve.

If you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s a good idea to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Even if the injury doesn’t seem serious, a lawyer can provide pointers regarding what you should watch out for. The attorney might also recommend various diagnostic tests or other measures to safeguard your health.

Chronic Pain is Another Risk to Watch Out For

Even if an injury doesn’t necessarily get worse, it might not get better. You might suffer a tumble because something failed to address a tripping hazard. The next day, you might wake up a bit sore, but figure that with a bit more rest and respite, you’ll be as good as new. Only, the pain doesn’t go away even if it doesn’t seem to get worse.

Chronic pain is a common condition. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that over 51 million American adults experienced chronic pain in 2021. Personal injuries rank among the leading causes of these aches, which could have a massive impact on someone’s life and well-being. If someone is suffering chronic pain owing to someone else’s negligence or action, they may be owed compensation. A lawyer can help ensure you get what you’re owed even if the chronic pains don’t emerge until well after the accident or other event.

The High Costs of Personal Injuries Must Always Be Considered

If you or a loved one suffers a personal injury, the costs could be high. The most obvious thing that might pop into mind is healthcare costs. However, the medical bills may simply be the start of your financial woes. Many other things could cost far more both financially and emotionally. With delayed injuries, the full pain and suffering might not become evident until months later.

You might find yourself skipping your favorite activities, such as hiking. Once upon a time, you might have enjoyed playing with your kids, grand kids, nieces, or anyone else. An injury might leave you bedridden, however, or at least less mobile and flexible than before. Not only could your quality of life be lowered, your loved ones may also suffer a lower quality of life.

Your income could also be affected as well. Entrepreneurs have lost their businesses owing to personal injuries. A woman in Virginia was forced to step aside from running her beauty business after she suffered a slip and fall owing to a leaky awning at a convenience store. Even if you don’t own a business, you could lose your income, such as your salary, if you’re unable to work. A lawyer can help you calculate your losses.

Ultimately, personal injuries can exact a heavy price. If you or your loved ones have been hurt, it’s smart to talk with a personal injury lawyer about getting the compensation you deserve. In need of such a lawyer? Check out the Help in Colorado team (

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