Fundamental Rules To Live By When Running A Remote Team

Fundamental Rules To Live By When Running A Remote Team

Switching to a remote working model is no longer a choice for businesses as the pandemic has suddenly necessitated it for survival. It can be a whole new territory that you may have never ventured into before. Still, running a remote team is not such a big challenge as you may believe it to be. Just following some fundamental rules will have you covered when it comes to managing things effectively and getting maximum productivity from your people. Here are the ones you should live by in the new normal.

Rule #1: Set expectations early

Every business has certain expectations from the employees and it's the other way around as well. A sudden switch to remote can be confusing in this context but setting expectations early can be of great help. Creating guidelines for productivity, accountability, and teamwork is the best way to start. Be willing to listen and open to suggestions from the employees so that your team understands that everyone is on the same side. Flexibility is the key as you begin running a remote team. Remember you cannot expect everyone to align and deliver right from day one.

Rule #2: Give them the right infrastructure

The most important element of remote work is perhaps the right infrastructure. You cannot expect people to give their best unless they have the right hardware and software resources. As an employer, it is your responsibility to give them a proper remote workspace with the IT assets and tools that empower them to collaborate and communicate effectively with the clients and colleagues. After all, good communication is the mainstay of this working model.

Rule #3: Train them well and offer support

Providing the right set of tools and applications to your team is only half the work done when it comes to maximizing their productivity. You need to train them well enough so that they can use these tools effectively. Education on remote security is vital to protect your data and information. Moreover, glitches with hardware assets and software applications may happen from time to time and proper support can keep them up and running.

Rule #4: Avoid Unnecessary conflicts

Conflicts and disputes are the biggest concerns related to managing people, more so when they work from home. It becomes critical to be aware of your communication, the need to be careful in communication and to avoid unnecessary conflicts because they kill productivity and create stress. As a rule, you should steer clear of behaviors such as sarcasm and criticism and discourage them in the team as well. Even simple statements can get across a wrong message when people are not working under one roof- so make communication as clear as possible and prioritize video conferencing to avoid such problematic situations.

Rule #5: Pay extra attention to emotional well-being

People working remotely often experience anxiety and isolation, particularly when they do it forcibly rather than choice. The current pandemic situation is the biggest example of employees bearing the brunt of a sudden switch to this business model. Paying attention to the emotional well-being of the employees should be your top priority. Set boundaries for work hours and be flexible with the deliveries. Give them opportunities to have fun and interact on a personal level apart from collaborating for the job.

Following these basic rules can go a long way in making people comfortable and productive as they work from home. Most importantly, the initiative can drive growth and make your business future-ready.

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