Five tips for boosting your online lead generation

Five tips for boosting your online lead generation

The methods of marketing have changed enormously over the past few years due to the boom of online business, with businesses needing to keep up with digital marketing techniques. Lead generation – that is, the beginning of customers’ interest in a business’ products or services – is at the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing campaign. However, with all the complicated marketing terms flying around it can become confusing to know how to translate that into your own digital marketing plan. To help you out, here are five tips for boosting online lead generation. 

Make sure your online content has SEO value

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your online content will be easily found by potential customers. Though it might seem impossible to achieve a high search engine ranking due to the huge number of websites in existence, there are certain steps you can take to maximize your website’s SEO. For instance, make sure that your website and content include relevant and high-value keywords. These are the terms that people search for on search engines, and these are the results you want your website to rank highly in. Make sure that you consider just how many people will be searching for a particular keyword: the more customers searching for a keyword, the larger your audience and therefore the larger your potential lead generation. 

Regularly track statistics

Comprehensive knowledge of your customer base is key to successful digital marketing. It enables you to assess what is working in terms of driving sales and what could be adjusted to drive more success. A virtual deal room will help you with deal management, providing statistics that enable you to easily track customer interest. As well as helping you to secure a particular deal, this also provides you with the statistics needed to craft future online marketing plans that maximize your lead generation.  

Provide interesting online content

A sure-fire way of drawing customers to your site is providing them with interesting content. This might be a series of behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram, a thought-provoking blog post about an issue relevant to your business, or a Q&A session on Twitter. Providing customers with interesting content on a regular basis will add relevancy and value to your site, therefore igniting customer interest in your services and products. This will in turn help your site to climb the search engine rankings and therefore be found by more potential customers. 

Consider both primary and secondary customer bases

It’s useful when devising an online marketing campaign to have an idea of the type of customer that you want to target. One method of doing this is by creating detailed customer profiles, which will help you to identify which social media platforms to target, for instance, to draw interest to your site. Customer profiles are useful for any stage of your business. While you might have accurately identified your primary customer, for example, you might want to widen your online marketing to draw in a secondary customer base. For instance, if you are the creator of a make-up line, your primary customer base might be teenage girls with disposable income, with your secondary customer being parents searching for birthday gifts. 

Engage with customers on social media

Online marketing makes it easier for businesses to engage with their customer base, providing the opportunity for people to find out more about products and services. Regularly being available on social media gives your business a sense of approachability, which most customers prefer to a cold corporate vibe. This will help in boosting your online lead generation as your business will be seen as being reputable and approachable by potential customers.

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