Fidelcrest Review 2023: Investing in Property Trading

Fidelcrest Review 2023: Investing in Property Trading

Are you interested in property trading but don't have the necessary skills or experience to succeed? Fidelcrest offers a unique opportunity to invest in this market with the help of skilled traders.

They are a proprietary trading firm that connects traders with investors to provide a mutually beneficial trading experience. As an investor, you'll have access to the skills of experienced traders and can earn a share of their profits.

The Fidelcrest platform offers transparency, security, and flexibility, making it an attractive option for those interested in property trading.

In this Fidelcrest review, we'll take a closer look at the platform, its pros, and any potential drawbacks to help you decide if it's a wise investment in 2023.

About Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest is a Cyprus-based property firm established in 2018, making it a relatively new company. Like other property trading firms, Fidelcrest LLC provides an opportunity for top traders if they meet the trading conditions outlined in the various challenges.

The trading conditions in each challenge, such as trading days or minimum profit targets, vary and will impact the final profit split for the trader. Fortunately, the company clearly defines these details on Fidelcrest online website.

One notable aspect that sets Fidelcrest apart from its competitors is its outstanding customer support.

The company offers various communication channels for customer support, including email, Facebook, and Live chat. The Live Chat feature is highly recommended, with an average response time of only one minute.

Features of Fidelcrest

Some of the critical features of Fidelcrest include:

  • Trading Challenges

Fidelcrest provides traders with different trading challenges, each with specific requirements and conditions, such as trading days or minimum profit targets. Traders must meet these conditions to become funded traders and receive a profit split.

  • Flexible Funding 

Fidelcrest allows traders to manage up to $2 million in company funds, with profit splits of up to 90%. Traders can choose from different account sizes, starting at $150,000, and pay a fee to start trading.

  • Consistent Trading Strategy 

The firm expects traders to use a consistent trading strategy with a slight downside and a profit target of 10% for the month.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Fidelcrest provides excellent customer support via email, Facebook, and live chat, with an average response time of just one minute.

  • Monthly Targets

Traders must reach the monthly profit target of 10% to continue with the challenge.

Fidelcrest Normal and Aggressive pricing 

Traders can start using Fidelcrest with a $150,000 account size by paying a €649 fee to the firm. With this account, successful traders can receive their first profit split payout after 11 days with a commission bonus of $3,000. The account follows an average trading strategy with an 80% profit split.

Fidelcrest offers four tiers of fees, with the highest tier costing €2,899 to trade with a $1 million account. Successful traders can receive a profit split commission bonus of up to $20,000 after 11 days of trading.

Traders should picture this as an investment in their confidence to generate profit within 11 days. Regular accounts have a maximum daily downside of 5% and a monthly profit target of 10%.

One challenge for traders is meeting the monthly profit target of 10%. Traders should carefully consider the calendar month they plan to begin the challenge, as trading volumes may be lower during the summer holidays.

What You Should Know About Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest has strict rules for the trading strategy employed by active traders using the company's funds. While these expectations are clearly stated, those without prior experience in proprietary trading may find it challenging to adhere to the tight risk versus reward profile.

Unfortunately, this is a common complaint among users of the Fidelcrest platform. It is essential to understand that a professional trading firm can only allow a few traders to implement volatile trading strategies with company funds.

Fidelcrest also included that traders may be disqualified for unsuitable trading strategies. So, the company prefers traders to focus on trading the same 1-2 forex currencies or stocks daily, with a similar volatility profile.

Pros of Fidelcrest

  • Ample opportunity to earn profits
  • Stand to earn a significant portion of their profits
  • Signup bonus of up to $30,000

Cons of Fidelcrest

  • Requires a high level of skill
  • Favors a consistent trading strategy

Is Fidelcrest Right for You?

As outlined in our Fidelcrest review, the proprietary trading firm is known for its high standards and attractive profit share percentages. However, it's not an ideal platform for traders who struggle to develop a profitable trading strategy.

We recommend Fidelcrest for traders who can generate consistent profits using the same strategy. With the opportunity to earn up to 90% profit share, this platform has a high potential for earnings.

If you are up for the challenge and believe you have the necessary skills, click here to head to Fidelcrest and explore their offerings.

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