Facts about Social Media

Facts about Social Media

Social media has come a long way since its inception and we can show that by looking at facts about social media. Nowadays, it's not just a platform for socializing with family and friends; it's also a place for networking with valuable contacts. One thing is sure: Your business can succeed in online marketing. But before that can happen, it's best to understand the current landscape.

  1. Facebook is still the biggest social media network with 1.59 billion users worldwide, and with 70% daily login statistics. So if you want to reach out to more people with just one campaign, Facebook is a great choice. It also provides the best ROI at 95.8%, followed by Twitter at 63.5%, which is a far second.
  1. North America has the highest social media penetration rate at 59%, followed by South America at 50%. If you're targeting the Americas, then social media video is a solid way to reach out to them.
  1. As of 2016, unique mobile users make up 51% of the population, and 30% make up mobile social media users. The trend from 2014 shows a steady growth, which means the number of mobile users on social media will increase in the coming years. It's more important than ever to launch online marketing campaigns for mobile, and not just desktop and laptop users.
  1. More men are on YouTube and LinkedIn, while women dominate Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you're launching a gender-targeted campaign, knowing where men and women hang out online can help you decide where to focus your efforts.
  1. If teens are part of your target market, you're in luck. Around 92% of teens go online every day. 71% use more than one social media site. They're everywhere online, so reaching out to them shouldn't be too hard.
  1. But what if your target market is composed of adults? Then you can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Around 58% of adults in social media are on Facebook, followed by 23% on LinkedIn.
  1. Social media sites influence purchases in different ways. Twitter is a popular platform for product discoveries, Pinterest for additional product information, and Facebook for product sale or purchase alert.

There are many facts about social media to learn. This is just a small fraction. But take heart! Though there's lots of information to digest, it's always useful, interesting, and far from boring.

Thanks to our friends over at for sharing this awesome infographic with us on facts about social media.

For further information on social media factors and strategies, see these social media resources >

Facts about Social Media
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For further information on social media factors and strategies, see these social media resources >

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