Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Updates for March 1st

Instagram updates

The first quarter of 2018 is almost over. There have been some major changes for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and we’re just peeking into March. Here are the newest changes.


Facebook Clarifying its Ad Metrics

Facebook will now clearly say when an ad metric is an estimate, in development or both. Some metrics will be cut as they were not helpful to advertisers. A new initiative called, Measure What Matters, will combine in-person events, online events and content to help businesses learn about measuring and improving campaigns.


This is really good news for advertisers. They will be able to tighten up their campaigns, understand their results and use them to improve the ROI of their ad campaigns.


Now You Can Schedule Posts with Instagram

Instagram is letting businesses schedule posts. Scheduling is only available through 3 party scheduling apps like Hootsuite, AgoraPulse and Later. Instagram does not allow scheduling directly in the app.

Ads still can’t be scheduled in the app as well.


This is awesome! Now businesses can schedule a whole visual campaign at one time. This will allow businesses to be more consistent with their Instagram campaigns for better results.


Twitter is (finally) Cracking Down on Bots

Twitter is putting an end to services that allow people with lots of accounts batch tweets, follow users, retweet or like tweets. So bot services are being limited. This latest crackdown is in reaction to our latest Presidential elections and the Russian backed election meddling. Some Twitter accounts have lost thousands of followers as the result of this crackdown.


Hopefully, this will end the election interference by other countries.

Good changes this last week that makes social media a better place for everyone.

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