Exploring US Legal Forms: Features, Integrations, Pricing, and More

Exploring US Legal Forms: Features, Integrations, Pricing, and More

US Legal Forms is an online legal document service. It provides access to thousands of state-specific fillable legal forms and templates for individuals and businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the legal forms industry, US Legal Forms aims to make legal documents accessible and affordable to all. Below are all the details you should know about US Legal Forms and its features.

About US Legal Forms

US Legal Forms offers an extensive online library of over 85,000 legal forms. These cover a wide range of legal matters such as estate planning, real estate, family law, business formation, and more. The company provides ready-to-use blank templates as well as customizable legal forms that users can edit and fill out according to their specific needs.

Whether you need a simple generic template or a more detailed industry-specific document, US Legal Forms has you covered. All the legal forms are carefully researched and sourced by legal experts to ensure accuracy and compliance with state laws. You can easily search for forms by state, category or document type on their website.

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface

The US Legal Forms website has an intuitive interface that makes finding and filling out legal documents a breeze. Forms are accessible 24/7 and completed online using any device.

Customization Options

Most forms come with standard boilerplate language. However,  they can be customized by adding or deleting clauses if required. You can also edit fonts, add company logos, and insert additional pages.

Legal Guidance

The US Legal Forms website provides useful legal resources. This includes definitions, articles, and FAQs to help you understand legal concepts and terms when filling out forms.

E-Signature Capability

Users can electronically sign completed documents online. E-signed forms have the same legal validity as wet ink signatures as per US ESIGN laws.

Form Packages

US Legal Forms offers convenient form packages tailored to specific legal needs such as divorce, wills, business formation, real estate, etc. Packages include all the required documents in one bundle.

Integration with Online Notary

Users can get documents notarized online quickly through integration. The integrated digital notary service is available without leaving the US Legal Forms platform.  This allows for one-stop access to signing compliance without the hassle of needing to stop and go to a notary to finalize a document signing.


US Legal Forms offers flexible pricing options starting at $8.00 per month (purchasing annually) for the basic plan with access to all legal forms. Attorneys and businesses can upgrade to the premium subscription. This comes with additional features like unlimited access, enhanced editing capabilities, and integration with e-signature and online notary services. Premium plans are $15 per month (if paid annually) for the full suite of services tailored for legal professionals and businesses managing frequent legal paperwork.

In conclusion, the US Legal Forms features provide an affordable and convenient way for everyone to create customized, compliant legal documents online. With a comprehensive library of state-specific forms and helpful resources, US Legal Forms aims to make legal paperwork simple and accessible to all. Whether you need a basic generic template or specialty legal forms for business, US Legal Forms has a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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