Elite Trader Funding Discount

Elite Trader Funding Discount

With Elite Trader Funding, you can trade like the pros for a fraction of the usual cost. Through our "ETF4EVER" coupon code, you'll save 65% on their evaluation program. Instead of the standard $7,500, you'll pay only $2,625. This remarkably low price gives you access to the simulated trading environment with real-time data and news feeds. Show them your skills, and you could earn a funded trading account with up to $1 million in buying power.

Elite Trader Funding's discount is a game changer for ambitious traders looking to break into prop trading. Their platform provides the tools and technology to hone your craft without breaking the bank. Read on to discover more on what Elite Trader Funding has to offer based on our in-depth Elite Trader Funding review.

What is Elite Trader Funding?

Elite Trader Funding is one of the best prop trading firms that allows aspiring traders to prove their skills and gain funding. You can demonstrate your trading abilities in a simulated environment through their evaluation program. You'll receive capital to trade live markets if you meet their performance criteria.

This innovative funding model provides novice and expert traders a path to becoming professional traders. You can trade your strategy with flexible rules and leverage up to 100:1. A generous profit split and choice of evaluation options means there's an opportunity for every skill level.

Elite Trader Funding brings transparency and customization to prop trading. If you have the skills to trade profitably, they'll provide the means to do it full-time. This could be your ticket to becoming a funded trader.

How Does Elite Trader Funding Work?

Elite Trader Funding offers funded trader accounts for those who pass their evaluation. You choose an account size and evaluation type to get started.

  • Account sizes range from $10,000 to $300,000. Pick one that matches your skill level.
  • Evaluations vary from maximum trading days (5 to 60) to profit targets (10% to 50%) and drawdown limits (10% to 30%). Select an evaluation that fits your trading style.

Pass your evaluation by reaching the profit target within the maximum trading days and not exceeding the drawdown limit. Do so, and you'll qualify for funding with an 80/20 profit split, keeping 80% of profits over $12,500.

If you hit the drawdown limit before completing the evaluation, pay a $75 fee to reset and start over. The platform aims to provide funded accounts to traders of all experience levels.


Elite Trader Funding offers attractive features for traders looking to access funding.

  • Trader-Centric Approach. Elite Trader Funding is focused on traders' success. They provide retail traders a platform to demonstrate their trading skills and access capital if they perform well.
  • Evaluation Types. Elite Trader Funding provides various evaluation types based on different account sizes. Each evaluation type has unique parameters like profit targets and drawdown limits.
  • Profit Split. Elite Trader Funding offers an attractive profit split to traders. After the first $12,500 in profits, traders keep 80% of all profits.
  • Flexible Trading Conditions. Elite Trader Funding offers highly flexible trading conditions, allowing traders to trade at their preferred times, even during news events, accommodating a variety of trading styles.

Evaluation Process In-Depth

The Elite Trader evaluation process provides multiple options for traders to prove their skills and get funded.

The 1-Step Evaluation

This straightforward evaluation offers a 1:1 profit-to-drawdown ratio. With a $25,000 account, you must generate $1,500 in profit without exceeding $1,500 in losses. This evaluation suits most trading styles and is complete with real-time data, mobile access, and a reset option for $75.

For bold traders, including forex traders, the Fast Track Evaluation is ideal. It's affordable, lasts 14 days (10 trading days), and excludes resets. Funded traders get two months of free live data and up to $6,500 in drawdown coverage for a small $150 fee.

The Static Drawdown Evaluation

This challenge is ideal for traders seeking consistency. With an initial $100k balance, a $2,000 profit target, and a max $625 drawdown, it eliminates worry over trailing drawdowns. Compatible with NinjaTrader and mobile platforms.

For those desiring higher profit margins, the Percentage Target challenge requires hitting a 10% profit target. Starting at $50k, you're allowed a max 3% daily loss and 7% trailing drawdown, geared toward short-term traders adept at rapid pivots.

The Diamond Hands Challenge

Tailored to swing traders and long-haul approaches. Exclusive $100k challenge with 1.5% daily loss cap, 3.5% trailing drawdown, and 5% profit aim. Built for resilient traders able to weather volatility and hold positions.

After selecting a challenge, you'll receive an evaluation account to prove your skills. Trade for 5-30 days to hit the targets. If successful, you'll be funded with a real money account. You keep 70-80% of profits, making this an attractive path to go pro.


Elite Trader Funding aims to provide traders of all experience levels access to larger account sizes and more flexibility. For novice traders, Elite Trader Funding offers a chance to gain real-world experience through its trial period and training.

While trading comes with inherent risks, this platform mitigates these risks through strict drawdown rules and comprehensive risk disclosures. The trial period also allows traders to become thoroughly acquainted with Elite Trader Funding before committing financially. Click here to get started and use code ETF4EVER to save 65%!

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