Eight Tips For Working From Home More Productive

Tips For Working From Home More Productive

Whether you are a recruiter, translator or virtual assistant, it is no secret that more and more jobs are becoming home-based and calling for remote employees, especially now in times of coronavirus pandemic. Even though this may be a dream for some, moving from a structured office environment to the comfort of your own home can come with its set of motivational and productivity challenges. Let's take a look at eight ways on how you can stay productive and motivated while working from home.

Choose Your Working Area

When you are only starting to work from home, it can be tempting to work from a couch, armchair or even a bed, but this can negatively affect your productivity. One of the best methods to work from home more efficiently is to always try to work from the same room, table, or chair to tell your brain that it's time to work, not rest.

By doing this, your brain will associate your sofa with relaxation, your bed with sleep, and your desk with work, helping to adjust your energy levels accordingly. Having a designated workspace will also help you sustain the boundaries between home and work.

Organize Your Home Office

You will likely feel more alert and more organized if you work from your home office. So after deciding on your working area, make sure to set yourself up with a comfortable, supportive chair, a spacious desk, needed workplace tools, as well as good Wi-Fi and proper lighting. You can personalize your space by adding your favorite photos, motivational posters, flowers, and anything that makes the office more pleasant. After all, you will probably spend a lot of time there!

Aside from choosing a perfect location and organizing your working area, you can use certain scents to associate them with work, be it incense, an essential oil diffuser, or a candle. Lemon, jasmine, lavender, rosemary, and cinnamon are some of the best scents when it comes to better mood and productivity at work.

Dress For Success

It would help if you also take off those pajamas. While such clothes might be comfy, it is not the best option for maintaining productivity. Our minds are used to forming mental shortcuts for everything we do. This means that you are better off preparing that presentation or writing your report if you are sitting at your work desk in a suit or your favorite jeans because your mind is used to such a routine.

Set A Schedule

It goes without saying that remote working can be distracting. You might have noticed a pile of dirty laundry in the basket and a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. All of these things can prevent you from completing your work, making it essential to plan your time when working from home.

Consider setting goals for yourself to accomplish during the day, and arrange them so that those that require the most energy and attention from you occur when you are most alert and focused. Similarly, schedule frequent breaks for times when you know you will be less attentive and energized. Leave the computer and have a glass of water and a quick snack or accomplish some household tasks like watering your plants or loading a dishwasher. Return to your desk refreshed and ready to complete your work tasks.

Adjust The Sound

For some individuals, it can be too quiet at home. There are no people or office noise around them, and they kind of miss it. For others, turning on some music, particularly with headphones in, can help block out ambient noise from your environment like family members or roommates who may also work or study from home. Whether it is a relaxing playlist from Spotify, your favorite band's music channel, or even the background sound from TV in the next room or an open window - find out what works for you to help improve focus and productivity.

Get Outside At Lunch

Chances are, remote working means a much more sedentary lifestyle than you would otherwise lead. The shift can be jarring, especially if you have suddenly switched to working from home. No matter if it is around your neighborhood, up and down the stairs of your apartment building or even just around your backyard - a brisk walk can provide a much-needed break to get your blood flowing, look at something other than your computer screen and clear your head.

Even a 10-minute break to get some physical activity is worth it for your energy levels, mental health, and overall productivity. And you may be able to take a work call or have your coffee break while you are outside!

Add CBD Products To Your Workday

This natural supplement can be a great addition to your daily routine. With its potential anti-anxiety, pain-relieving, and soothing effects, using CBD oil can help to provide needed relief from your ailments and address your discomforts, which aids in improving your general wellness.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical substance that is thought to interact with different receptors of the cell-signaling endocannabinoid system that is involved in many vital bodily processes such as memory, sleep, appetite, pain, stress, and others. By positively influencing this system, taking products like CBD vape oil for your vape pen, gummies or oral tinctures can help to reduce your stress levels, alleviate pain and promote better sleep - all of which bring increased focus and can help you perform better during your workday.

End Your Day With A Routine

The physical act of leaving your office space is an essential part of the day. It marks the end of the official working day when we "switch off" from giving 100% of our efforts to the work to being done for the day.

But how do you mark the end of your day? Simply leave the office, change into jeans or maybe go for a walk? Regardless of the activities you choose, make sure to create a routine that signals the end of your working day so that you do not start to extend your workday to an unsupportable length.

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