Earn Money From Home in a Flexible Way: 7 Great Ideas

Earn Money From Home in a Flexible Way: 7 Great Ideas

Just about everyone is struggling financially in some way or another at the moment. The prices of everything are at record highs, so affording even basic items like food and fuel has become an issue for some people. Companies are going out of business where they’re unable to stay afloat leading to high levels of unemployment. We’re also still dealing with issues from the Covid pandemic. Not to mention, other global issues such as Brexit and the Russia/ Ukraine war. For this reason, being able to earn some extra money is high on the agenda for many. Being able to earn money from home in a flexible way is even better. Read on to find out some ideas.


Blogging continues to be a great way to earn money from home online. While the market is saturated with blogs there’s still room for newcomers to carve out their niche and do really well here. While earning money from a blog won't happen overnight, if you start it as a hobby you can go from there. Work on creating valuable, sharable content that engages an audience and gets it out on social media. Work on your SEO to ensure your posts are being found by Google. Ideally, you should be backlinked by other sites. In time, sponsors will contact you about placing paid ads. Then, you can earn a good amount relatively easily once your site is established.

The hardest part is building up a website that has good authority and that sponsors will want to work with. Sign up to Semrush to track your progress. Metrics like domain authority can let you know how you’re doing. The best thing about blogging is it’s free to start so you have very little to lose by giving it a go. Write articles about things you’re passionate and knowledgeable about and teach yourself the rest along the way.


Influencing might not be for everyone, but if you feel that it’s a good path for you it can be a fantastic way to make money. You’ll likely need to invest in a good camera and lighting setup. This way your photos and videos are of good quality. You will need to understand how social media apps work and what sort of content people want to consume. If you’re already an avid user of Tiktok, Instagram, etc you’ll likely understand what makes for a good influencer. Use this knowledge to create your own channel. You might be providing useful information. You might be funny and relatable. Or, you might be drop-dead gorgeous and the type of person that others want to follow solely for that reason. Understand your audience, and find your niche. Then, go about it just as you would any other business venture.


If you have skills such as writing, art, design, or marketing, these sorts of skills are in high demand and you can make money from them as a freelancer. If you sign up for a freelancing site, take a look at the projects and make a ‘bid’ on anything you feel you’re suited to. While each piece you commit to will have a deadline, it’s in your control how many pieces you take on and you have no obligation to complete a minimum amount. This means it's a great way to earn money around an existing side hustle, business, or even your 9-5, if you’re having a difficult month financially you can log in and do some extra work to give yourself a boost.

It could also be a way for you to earn enough money to live on while you get a blog or a business off the ground. Especially, as a way to bridge the gap with jobs if you’re planning on changing careers. It could even be the main source of income and your full-time job if you find enough work available.


If you have a hobby that involves creating a tangible product, have you considered selling it? It could be anything from baking to jewelry making, art, design, or metalwork. It could be a skill such as makeup artistry or hairdressing, enabling you to offer these services from home. There are lots of courses you can take online or locally. This enables you to gain the skills that you need to start up something like this and do really well from it. Set up your office/ studio/ salon at home in a spare room, conservatory, or garden room. Then, you can get to work on your craft right from there.

Rent out a Room

If you own your property and there are no subletting restrictions, renting out to a lodger or setting up a room to rent with a company like AirBnB can be another way to earn some extra cash. If you live close to a university, hospital, tourist attraction or in a beautiful part of the world then chances are you will be able to charge a premium and make some fantastic money from doing this.


Investing and trading can be good options to earn money from home. Whether it be with bonds, the stock market, or crypto. In fact, volatile stock markets led to a high level of share trading in 2022. Some investors may be looking to make gains, while others are capitalizing by buying stocks at reduced prices. Professional advice is invaluable. Seek help from someone that can identify what’s missing from the plans and goals you’ve set. They can then help you to achieve what you plan on doing. Do your research to understand the market and how to read the data too. The most successful financial traders all specialize in certain types of trading. Whether it is swing trading, day trading, or long-term trading. After all, these types all use their own systems which involve entry and exit signals.

One of the most common signals are candlestick trading patterns. Some patterns to be aware of are the cup and handle pattern. This consists of a drop in price, but then a rise back up to the original value. First, it is followed by a smaller drop, and then you'll see a rise past the previous peak. The wedge pattern which is formed when an asset’s price movements tighten between two sloping trend lines and flag (or pennant) patterns are created. This is after the asset experiences a period of upward movement, followed by a consolidation. Just know that some chart types are better suited to specific markets. For example, certain patterns will work better in a more volatile market, while others are better in more stable climates. Thus, be sure to understand exactly what you’re getting into.

Sell Old Items

Finally, this might not be an ongoing source of income. But, if you want to declutter and earn a chunk of cash then you can kill two birds with one stone. Go through your attic, you might be holding onto antiques or other valuable items that a collector would love to get their hands on. Look in the garage and shed for tools, bikes, and products you don't use.

Clear out rooms that aren't being used, sell old furniture, clothing, jewelry, and home accessories. Just about everything has value to someone. eBay is great for this as well as Vinted and local sales on sites like Facebook make it easy to make some quick cash and get rid of unneeded stuff. Use this money for debt, savings, or new items that you do need. Just anything other than clutter that’s not being utilized.

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