Does the Price Affect the Quality of Cannabis Seeds?

Does the Price Affect the Quality of Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis market is exploding with hundreds of varieties of products, from oils to lotions and flowers. However, the most sought-after cannabis product is its seeds. They are utilized as a protein-filled food source or legal indoor cultivation, with the latter being their most likely application. However, the issue arises when you finally load up a website to buy cannabis seeds and see a never-ending list of options. Besides, all of them have entirely different price ranges and varying characteristics.

In fact, in various online stores, you will find the same varieties of cannabis seeds listed for different values. But does the price factor affect the quality of cannabis seeds, or in simple words, do expensive seeds really grow better than cheap ones? Well, let's find out by assessing the factors that affect the final price of cannabis seeds.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cannabis Seeds

There are many different components or aspects that ultimately affect the final price of this product:

1 - The Production Process

To contain all the nutrients and cannabinoids that are in demand with the public, marijuana seeds must be harvested after they have reached their full maturity. Early harvested seeds can be recognized by their white or green color and are less expensive. Fully matured ones are known for their shiny brown color and cost more than immature ones.


2 - Preservative Process

Once harvested, cannabis seeds must undergo a preservative process that keeps them healthy until sowing. It can involve the use of certain chemicals and long periods of open-air storage to dry them out before storing them in a cold area and dry to avoid unwanted germination. The better the preservative process is, the more intact DNA the seed will have, and therefore it will be expensive.

3 - The Legal Restrictions

Legal restrictions are another vital factor in determining the cost of weed seeds. Growers are often limited to growing a certain amount of seeds per year. And as per economic laws, high demand and low supply give rise to higher prices. Besides, transportation through areas where cannabis isn't legal adds to the cost.

4 - The Genetics of Plants

By this, we mean the DNA of the plant, which determines the power of the cannabinoids in it and also the quality. Consequently, the seeds that cost the most are those with better genetics, understandably. Among other things, there is DNA derived from very accurate crosses, which require years of research and development. So, if you are going for a variety with a very particular set of traits, you will most likely have to pay more to get your seeds.

5 - Variety

As with everything available on the market, cannabis has its varieties. Each one has entirely different characteristics such as THC and CBD profiles, Sativa or Indica traits, taste, flavor, aroma, and even effects. Therefore, the variety you are going for is an essential factor in your final cost.

6 - Transportation

You will often see different prices for the same product in different stores such as This is usually due to transportation costs. If a Canadian online store gets its seeds from a grower in the US, then its transportation cost will be higher than a store that is operating from within the US.

7 - Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in preserving the DNA traits of seeds. Good packaging keeps out moisture and humidity. This keeps the seeds at a slightly lower temperature to avoid premature germination. Therefore, the price of seeds in suitable high-quality packaging is usually higher.

8 - Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are said to produce pure female plants whose only job is to grow buds filled with resin. The unavailability of male plants will also ensure that the flower will turn into a bud and not into marijuana seeds. However, acquiring feminized seeds is a difficult process that increases the final cost of the product.

9 - Autoflower seeds

Autoflowers produce flowers on their own without any external help within 2 - 4 weeks of cultivation. Due to their shorter flowering period, growers will get 2 to 3 harvests each season. But to get this trait, you will have to pay a higher price.


Seeing all these factors and their effects on production, it is not hard to say that price does affect the quality of cannabis seeds. If you are looking to grow healthy plants with particular traits, you will have to go for expensive seeds. However, if you are growing for the very first time, you should start with mid-range price seeds. This will give you time to learn the expertise you need to grow premium seeds.

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