Different Apps You Might Need For Your Startup

Different Apps You Might Need For Your Startup

Entrepreneurs today look for ways to manage their work hours. But unfortunately, the number of hours we have in the day is limited and it is important to figure out how you would want to spend your time at work. Also, at times you have to manage the time of your employees as well so that you can deliver projects on time and complete tasks before your deadlines approach.

To get this done and manage everything else in between, you must have the right apps to organize your work and yourself, manage your daily tasks, and keep yourself healthy as well.

There are so many time and task/project management apps out there that can help you achieve your goals and keep your teams productive. All of these are now available for iOS devices and you can use them by simply connecting to a secure internet connection. If you use Spectrum Internet, you can always depend on their reliable and fast pace services to get things done. For now, let’s have a look at a few apps that you can use:

Notion – Notes, Docs, Tasks 

The app can help you keep your plans within your crosshair and stay organized throughout your day. It keeps your plans in one place and offers customization to work according to your needs. It is free for personal use and gets you vast storage space to add as much content as you want to get your work done.

The best thing about the app is that you can use a drag-and-drop action to craft your dashboard and create documents and a website for your business. The app is also a great collaboration tool that can work in real-time and help you achieve your organizational goals easily. Apart from that, you can create some attractive documents, add images and to-dos, and work with more than 20 types of content.

The app also prevents creating too many folders that can create clutter on your computer. You can also use the app to publish a website for your business just by using a few taps. You can sync the app with your browser apps and apps for Mac and Windows devices to keep your work connected.

App Store Rating: 4.0

QuickBooks Self-Employed

The app is ideal for freelancers, independent contractors, and different self-employed individuals. It can help you organize your finances and get help with tax deductions. Quickbooks can also track down your expenses and you a clear idea about your business. You can also use a mile tracker, invoice generator, tax deduction estimator, etc. to earn money.

The best feature offered by the app is that you can scan/photograph your receipts and store them for later review and expense tracking. Also, the app can match and categorize your business expenses and maximizes tax refunds easily. The app provides many other functions that can help you keep your money matters within your grasp.

App Store Rating: 4.7


You might face certain hurdles when you are working but you shouldn’t find any hurdles when you are paying for your business expenses. The app can get you notified when you buy anything using your Pleo card. You can also capture receipts and get them categorized instantly to track your spending.

If you want to make any changes to your card, you can use do so using the app. For instance, you can easily block your card, change your PIN, etc. using Pleo. 

App Store Rating: 3.5

The app is one of the most useful and convenient work hubs for many organizations around the world. It has some game-changing features that streamline your work using different options. The app keeps everyone working on a project on the same page and connects you to the right person to get updates and ask questions about the task you are working on.

You can easily set up and sync it with different tools you are working with to make your work more streamlined.

To avoid misplacing or losing your files, you can keep them in one place. Apart from that, you can measure the time and progress made on the tasks by employees easily. The app lets you sync data in real-time and gives you access to your work anytime from anywhere in the world.

App Store Rating: 4.8


In the end, one can say that there are many apps on the App Store that can make your work efficient. Also, you can use them to deliver your projects and tasks on time and achieve your goals. You can download any of these on your iPhone and ensure your business growth.

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