Developing a Data-Driven Content Strategy: Crucial Steps

Developing a Data-Driven Content Strategy: Crucial Steps

Whether you are an owner of a big enterprise or a small business, a proper strategy should be on the top in your marketing. It will be a significant improvement of your content performance and the main goal (response of the target audience) will yield more results. Developing a content strategy is essential for every industry, owing to a number of benefits for customers and business owners. Before we dip into the topic, let us focus on data-driven content marketing and content data definitions.

What is Content Driven Marketing?

10-15 years ago, marketers operated suppositions in most. The analysis of the target audience was built on stereotypes and uncertain predictions. Now, marketing relies on big data to predict the customers’ behavior.

The whole approach is based on using the customers’ information, starting with location and finishing with certain actions on the site. The brightest examples of data-driven website services are:

  • Retargeting. You have time to recover contacts will all the customers who left your service.
  • Dynamic banners. All combinations of ads are tightened to certain segments of the site’s audience. It lets a single banner provide customers with the most relevant information.
  • Targeted emails. If you use them to communicate with your audience, you will be able to create a target and personalize messages that make an impression of the personal approach to each client. You can get contacts of businesses to email at

The data-driven content is the only logical way of marketing development that ensures success. This way helps to promote a brand personally, considering the smallest details.

What is Content Data?

Content data in marketing is every piece of information that gives the communication sense. In the definition, the communication between a customer and a brand takes place. The data is collected to create personalized content and to start a strategy. It is a part of the complex content marketing definition, along with the customer’s profile, niche, traffic, and so on.

Crucial Steps of Data-Driven Content Strategy Creation

Content-based marketing is about the creation of a proper strategy. It lets you build the most effective content with fewer resources and time wastes. Here are nine crucial steps:

1. Start with the framework creation.

The initial step consists of four stages: audience analysis, niche and competitors studies, keyword research, creation of the content, and its distribution. When the analysis is done, you can monitor the results and optimize the content according to them.

2. Target Audience

The next step is the analysis of the target audience. Consider everything, starting from demographics and finishing with triggers and pain points (problems your customers want to solve with your product). You will need to use every instrument you have, starting from Google Analytics, and finishing with surveys and consultations with the sales department.

3. User Path

Measure your content, using the buyer persona. Keep up with the main stages of the user’s path: awareness of the brand, consideration of the purchase, and deciding.

4. Content Creation

Create content, using the hard data. In other words, optimize your content for the main search instruments. Supply it with keywords, intents, proper structure, and different types of information (images, videos, etc.).

5. Optimize

Continue optimizing your content. Post-publication optimization (picking the keywords that work better, A/B tests, etc.)

6. Share

Spread the content on the new platforms. This step is connected with the audience research and its preferable content-consuming ways.

7. Use Influencers

Learn about influencer marketing. This step is an essential part of the modern content strategy in digital marketing. It is one of the best ways to get a new audience and brand awareness without essential efforts.

8. Use what you have

Examine each marketing environment to be used. Various types of communication require different approaches and metrics.

9. Analyze the results

Finally, do not forget about data analytic software to measure your success.

Today, data-driven content is the only way to succeed in marketing. It lets you maximize your chances, and minimize your risks and resource wastes. With many suitable tools, it is not that difficult to build and process the marketing strategy. Continue reading my blog to learn more about the main steps of the data driven content strategy, how to find the best tools, and how different data aspects can affect your brand.

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