DBS Checks For Businesses - Why Are They So Important?

DBS Checks For Businesses - Why Are They So Important

There is a broad range of ways that businesses can protect against potential threats. Business insurance, contingency plans for a wide variety of possible disasters, and employing only the best possible staff.

Part of making sure that only the top candidates are brought into your business is carrying out criminal background checks. This generally means a DBS check in the UK. A wide variety of businesses use them, but why are they so important?

What are DBS checks?

Before we start, what are DBS checks? DBS stands for the disclosure and barring service. This is a non-departmental government body that has been responsible for carrying out background checks for the past decade. There are three main levels of DBS checks:

1. Basic check

The basic check is the least in-depth DBS check available. It looks for any unspent criminal convictions, cautions, and reprimands, and anyone can request this for any position, regardless of the industry. It’s a common requirement for many roles, from hospitality to sales. You can even have a basic check for yourself if you’re not applying for a role at that moment.

2. Standard check

The standard check is the mid-level DBS check. It looks for both spent and unspent criminal convictions, cautions, and reprimands. This is a common requirement in niches with a high professional standard, such as the legal profession and accountancy. Only those in certain roles can request it for specific positions. Often where you’ll be in contact with sensitive information or sensitive individuals. Although not in an unsupervised position with the latter.

3. Enhanced check

The enhanced check is the highest level check you can have. As well as the information in the standard check, it also includes any information that the local police department thinks could relate to the specific role you apply for.

The enhanced check is a common requirement for roles that involve unsupervised contact with sensitive individuals. It’s often a requirement in the medical and childcare industries. The enhanced DBS check can also be carried out with a barred list check, which will look to see if the applicant is on any lists which would bar them from working with at-risk individuals. The enhanced check with the barred list check is the most in-depth DBS check available.

Avoid regulatory issues

One of the most important reasons for businesses to carry out DBS checks is to ensure regulatory compliance. In areas such as healthcare and childcare, DBS checks are a regulatory necessity. Failing to have them for employees can result in significant fines, or worse. Protecting vulnerable individuals and information for your business is also a moral concern and one which should be taken seriously.

Avoid damage to your assets and brand

DBS checks are a great way for businesses to help protect their reputation and assets. Making sure you know about an employee’s criminal background before bringing them into your business helps to ensure that you don’t bring anyone in who’s lying about their past. If someone with criminal intentions were to steal your data or assets, while there would be short-term implications, the long-term effects on your brand could be disastrous.

For certain businesses, the theft of physical goods could be absolutely crippling. For jewelry stores or in other industries where employees are in regular contact with high-value goods, a DBS check can help ensure that no thefts occur which could be ruinous to your business.

Rebuilding your brand image and trying to rekindle a relationship of trust with your clients after a data breach could take years. And, have potentially disastrous effects on your business in the long term. Your employees are also brand ambassadors, they represent your business. Make sure that only the most trustworthy individuals have that privilege.

Employee only the best talent

DBS checks help to ensure that you don’t employ anyone with a criminal background that could potentially deliberately harm your business. However, they also help to attract more honest talent in general. DBS checks will often repel people with something to lie about. If the individual really wants the job and doesn’t have any ill intentions, then they’ll likely come forward in an honest manner and talk about their criminal background openly.

Either way, it helps ensure that you attract only the best talent to your business.

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