Convoi App: A 2nd Business Line for your iPhone

Convoi App- A 2nd Business Line for your iPhone

For a lot of small business owners, entrepreneurs, or independent contractors it can be expensive to have the tools and technology to run your business.

For instance, many entreprenesures end up providing their personal cell to business contacts when just getting started.

This leads to a mix of personal and professional texts, voice mails, and phone calls, not to mention having to put a personal cell phone number on public websites or business cards.

Enter Convoi, the iPhone based app designed and released by Citrix, the same people who brought you GoToMeeting. With this free app, you can add a second phone line to your iPhone instantly!

How Convoi Works

After a user downloads the app to their iPhone, they can choose the preferred area code for the business line. It has to be a US or Canadian area code only (Note: New York City and Alaska area codes are not available).

It doesn't have to be local to where you live, which can make your business appear larger or local in other areas. No additional hardware is required to purchase, nor is there any IT set-up.

Total installation takes around 30 seconds and there is no cost! Within minutes, you are able to use your Convoi line and post that number on your website, business cards, or send it out to contacts.

The app will also sync with the contacts already stored in your phone. When you dial out through the Convoi line, people receiving your calls will see your Convoi phone number and not your personal cell.

This also applies to text messages sent. Further customizations allow you to record a different voice mail message and even choose a ringtone set to that number specifically.

The Convoi app will first attempt to use WiFi for incoming and outgoing calls to avoid using phone minutes. If WiFi is not available, Convoi uses cellular data.

convoi app

Other Convoi Features

Besides supplying a separately identified phone line to your existing mobile device, the Convoi app hosts a number of other features to create an easy, on the go experience for users. These include:

  • Free conference calls (up to 40 people) with no access codes needed or additional cost. The app will call the contacts listed for the conference automatically when it begins, and will display the faces or initials of all participants.
  • Group text messaging as well as individual text messaging. Messaging with work with any SMS inbox, meaning even contacts without the app can still receive messages.
  • Centralized call, voice mail, and text history for easy reference.
  • A Do Not Disturb feature that allows you to schedule open and closed business hours and avoid calls during downtime.
  • Voicemail transcription.

While currently only available for iPhones, the Convoi app is being developed for Android phones as well ensuring simple and easy virtual business lines for all mobile users.

So if your business is in need of a identity separate from your personal life, or simply a quick and easy conference call tool, the Convoi app might be just what you need!

As your business grows, another need may be a phone system for your team.  This is where VOIP comes in.  The best VOIP services can help your team be effective and be cost conscious as well.

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