Choosing RAW over JPEG Files

Choosing RAW over JPEG Files

In photography, there are no unnecessary formats. Differences in their efficiency are what really matter. From this perspective, customers have to be attentive whenever they choose their basic method of shooting. Stay tuned to find out more about RAW and JPEG images.

Theoretical Introduction

Simply put, a file format is a suite of specifications you choose for your images. Saving information in RAW and JPEG isn’t the same thing. When it comes to printing photos, the second option is preferable. It is a so-called automatical adjustment of digital information, stored in a shot. JPEG is a compressed and proceeded version of raw files. If you need a more informative layout to work with, shooting in raw offers more flexibility:

  • White balance is predetermined in JPEG images. Thus, customers have less opportunities to modify the color palette afterward.
  • Overexposure is the worst enemy of JPEG files since it isn't fixable, unlike the case of the alternative. When it comes to underexposure objects, the same is valid.
  • On the contrary, RAW formats require more storage place.

Depending on your priorities, your choice should be easy. Otherwise, you will just lose your time and energy on improper visual materials.

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How to Shoot in RAW

First of all, enthusiasts have to recheck their camera settings and adjust them accordingly. This prevents the by-default compression of files. The next stages are as follows:

  • If you want to see details and layouts of a large size, be ready to use many memory cards and similar tools to cope with the amount of space the files need. Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, you will need additional hard drives.
  • Improve any details by retouching, especially with the help of advancing yet user-friendly solutions like RetouchMe. The whole list of features is here: However, it doesn’t mean you are to be careless during the shoot itself. You should pay more attention to composition and framing — these elements are always hard to manipulate and modify.
  • Keep on improving your photography skills and talents. Shooting in RAW is demanding in terms of balancing layouts and the information they offer. For instance, enthusiasts have to pick up the right ISO, apply additional filters, and think about correct and beneficial lighting conditions. Your well-thought-out preparation will simplify the retouching work.

The Final Verdict of RAW over JPEG

To truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two file formats, introduce customers to active practices. Just take the same shot and store it in analogous forms to catch the differences. Both in the space amount they need and how divergently they reflect the same elements.

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