Your Guide to Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is crucial for any business. The commercial photographer is responsible for creating images of individuals or products. These will then be used to sell a service or a product. The type of things that a commercial photographer will shoot will vary significantly from one project to another. Whilst some people feel it is quite difficult to pin down exactly what a commercial photographer does, in essence; they are capturing images that will be used in a commercial sense by a company or another individual.

That doesn’t mean that this is all that they do, however. It is perfectly possible for a commercial photographer to do other types of photography as well. In fact, they may specialize in a different direction entirely. You may find photographs on online photo sharing platforms that are the work of someone who shoots commercial images or lifestyle photographers, like gm photographics, for a living but has a passion for landscapes in their spare time.

Types of commercial photography

Within the field of commercial photography, there are a number of different categories that commercial photography can be broken down into. These include:

  • Advertising. Including magazines, papers, product catalogs, leaflets, posters etc
  • Website images
  • Sales and catalog images. This may include photographs of garments being worn against a plain background, both back and front views
  • Product images. Including any images that go on packaging

How can commercial photography help businesses?

Clean, crisp professional images of products are a must, particularly in any industry where competition is high. Many companies believe that it isn’t important to spend big on their photography. Ultimately this can end up losing their business as people flock to the competition. Often who have better quality photos to sell their products.

Professional commercial photographers have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to capture the best of your product. Photographing items from all the right angles and with the best lighting can really give potential customers the most information that they can with just a few photographs.

Whether your photographs are for a website to showcase services or a catalog to promote your products they can be the single most important tool that you need in order to grow your business.


When it comes to commercial photography there are a number of different types of photography licenses out there. It is very important for any commercial photographer to know the difference between them. They should also be aware of the pricing that comes with them. Failing to understand the differences could end up meaning that there will be a loss of money.

Very briefly the types of licenses that are available are:

  • Usage
  • Copyright
  • Approved use
  • Period of time
  • The number of uses

It is important for both photographer and client that they agree on the right type of license. This will allow the client to use the images in the way that they need, and the photographer to be paid correctly.

The type of license you offer will help when it comes to pricing the commercial photoshoot. It is important not to set prices too low, or too high. Rather, you should price work at a level that is workable, for both photographer and client. This should include the costs of the appropriate type of license. Commercial photography is incredibly competitive, and it is likely that prices will vary drastically when you quote for a commercial shoot.

Commercial photography equipment

A good quality, professional-level camera is a must. Additionally, they must have all the appropriate lenses in order to get the job done properly. A high-quality sensor is important as there is a possibility that images will be printed on a huge canvas. If you can't afford to purchase a quality camera lens right now, you can opt to rent from one of the best Lens Rental in Philadelphia.

The right software for retouching images is also very important, so are the necessary skills to use it. While some photographers use photoshop, others have found other photo retouching software. While it comes at a cost, the editing details can make all the difference to the final images.

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