Checklist for Office Relocation

Checklist for Office Relocation

Changing the location of your office is a big move. Not only are you transferring a lot of things that you need to operate you are also changing the address that your clients are familiar with. But making a big move does have its benefits. You may be transferring your business to a better place that allows you to grow more.

Avoiding Relocation Mistakes

Making a mistake during the big move can be very costly, not just in money, but also in terms of time and effort. Office relocation mistakes can be avoided by planning from 6 to 12 months ahead. With the number of details to plan, even a year can fly by so quickly.

There is a lot at stake in this big transition because changing your headquarters is as sensitive as uprooting a tree and then planting it somewhere new. But don’t worry, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, you can learn from others by getting a checklist useful for office relocation. By planning ahead guided by a checklist, you can analyze the big move into stages and so not be overwhelmed by all the details that need to be attended to.

Planning a Budget

Planning out the expenses of office relocation should definitely be carried out ahead of time to give you the chance to prepare your finances. Even with the best estimates, something could still go wrong that would mean added costs so just add a buffer fund of at least 20% above what you estimate the budget to be.

A few things to take into consideration are the cost of office movers should you choose to enlist their services, expenses for the new office space that you are transferring to, insurance cost, additional wages for employees who will be helping with the transfer, and a deposit for temporary storage if it is necessary. Each case is different so take time to identify what you will need to spend on and already set aside the budget for those costs.

Creating a Moving Team

Informing your staff about the change of address is an important step towards the continuity of operations. You will have to address your people’s concerns since such a big move will affect them greatly. You can enlist some or all of your employees to help out during the big move, identifying roles and tasks as early as possible. The tasks may be too much for your team to handle so also consider hiring professional movers for the actual moving of physical objects from the old office to the new one. If you'd like to make the whole process significantly easier and more efficient, you can get in touch with the #1 reviewed office removalist in Perth.

Checklist for Office Relocation

Informing Clients

It is important to inform your clients well in advance that you will be moving your headquarters to a new and better location. This way they will not be shocked and they will be assured that your professional relationship can continue smoothly despite the shift from one office to another. Services will be redirected during the transfer and so advanced communication about the office relocation situation will go a long way in maintaining the trust that you have built with your clients.

Relocating to a Better Location

As you plan well in advance of the actual relocation of your headquarters you are in a good position to foresee and avoid many mistakes that come from rushing. Just remember to remind yourself, your staff, and your clients that you are transferring your office to a better location and that your services will not only continue smoothly but will even improve.

Executing a well-planned office relocation will be easier than you would expect it to be after taking the necessary time to plan well. Developing an exhaustive checklist with contingency plans will make the actual office relocation moving process smooth and efficient. Later, as you keep track of the office relocation process, you can make sure that you have not missed anything. This will mark a great start for your business in a new location. 

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