Business Resume: The 2022 Guide

Business Resume: The 2022 Guide

Has resume writing become more difficult in the year 2022? Boy, you had better believe it has. What “works” in this day and age is so varied that people 20 years ago would think you were nuts for writing what you write. Yet, you have to remember that people are people, which means they are smart but predictable. With the tips in this article, you can easily navigate the tricky business of 2022 business resume writing.

Page Count is Job-By-Job Dependent

Traditionally, a resume is one sheet of A4 paper with writing on both sides. In the digital age, this turned into single or two-page documents for a resume. However, in 2022, the words “resume” and “CV” seem to be interchangeable. This is probably because bigger companies are relying more on larger online applications, which has blurred the lines between CV and resume. The short answer is that you need to check with the job you are applying for. If they want long and detailed resumes, then give them a CV with all the details they will ever need (and then be prepared to copy-and-paste that information on the application when they send it three weeks later).

Font is Sort-Of Job-By-Job Dependent

Not so long ago, in the heady days of the 2010s, job applications and job postings may suggest the font type and size of your business resume. That is because we were all still adjusting to the digital age, and lots of fonts were flapping around. These days, there are still some companies that give guidance on the font types and sizes you should use for your CV, resume, and/or application. However, most assume you are going to use a sensible popular font.

Give a Career Goals Bullet Point

Add three bullet points that answer the question “why do you want this job?” They should be career bullet points if this job is in some way related to your long-term career. Perhaps leave this bit out if you are just looking for part-time work in McDonald’s for your summer vacation.

Add a Profile Picture

A great many online articles advise against this, but every one of them is dead wrong. Most online articles tell you not to add an online picture because the company may discriminate against you, but it is best to know right away if the company is going to discriminate against you rather than wasting your time with an interview. Plus, most of their HR teams have facets of their due diligence that asks them to search out your social media to check up on you, so they are probably going to see your photos anyway, so you may as well present them with a good one.

Don’t Add Any Political Slant

You may think your left-wing activism will impress the business owners because it seems to impress the business owners on Twitter, but no matter which direction the business seems to lean, they don't want politicized employees. They want you to stick to the job at hand, and that needs to come through “even” in your resume.

Start With Your Strongest Points

If you have some great years’ experience with some amazing companies, then they should be the first things that are mentioned after your resume introduction and career goals. On the other hand, if you have some pretty-tricky-to-achieve qualifications, then those should be center stage on your resume. You are creating a technical business document but remember that it is going to be read by humans, and humans are impressed by what they read. Don't hide your best features somewhere in your resume because you think that is where they belong. Put them up top and center, in bold if you must, to make sure the people reading the business resume know your best qualities right away.

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