Business Degrees That Can Lift up Your Career in the Future

Business Degrees That Can Lift up Your Career in the Future

Fields of study related to a business degree, technology degree, and marketing degree have gained rockstar popularity recently. They are not only fast-developing but also really profitable. However, not every online course or ebook can provide expertise similar to the knowledge gained during university studies and help you be ready for the jobs of the future.

That’s why, if you want to become a specialist in one of the areas of business, it’s better to think of pursuing a university degree. Nowadays, the opportunities are almost endless - you can study almost whatever you want without even leaving your home. If you’re wondering how much does a PhD cost, simply check out those available online - the degrees and courses available don’t have to cost a fortune!

In this article, you’ll find top business degrees that can boost your skills and future career by guaranteeing you a well-paid and interesting job; you’ll get to know why they are better than free online courses. 

Online Marketing Degree

It’s out of the question that online marketing is the king of business nowadays. Almost every company uses online advertising to gain new customers and promote its services or products. Therefore, taking an online marketing degree can be an excellent way to boost your skills and develop your own business.

Moreover, with an online marketing degree, you can work for your own brand but also provide complex marketing services for other companies. As a freelancer, you’ll have more flexibility in choosing your partners and the amount of work, and you’ll still be able to put your knowledge into practice.

Data Analysis and Business Analytics Degree

Data analysis is the future of business - nowadays, we all suffer from the so-called information overload, and all this data needs to be properly categorized and analyzed. There comes the field of data analysis that is getting more and more popular.

There are not many qualified data specialists, and even the people who are concerned with this area are often not up-to-date with all the novelties and changes. That’s because it seems that there are major developments every other week - the field is moving at breakneck speed. Therefore, it is absolutely worth doing a degree in data analysis. 

Business analytics is a field related to data analysis - it also involves information, numbers, and categorization. There are various tools dedicated to measuring different aspects of business, and some of them are not that easy to learn during an online course only. A degree in business analytics would be much more beneficial in this regard.

Social Media Management Degree

If you think of some professions that have not existed two decades ago, one job you may consider is related to social media management. A lot of people mistakenly think that you could not possibly make a living out of jobs related to social media. However, it is now a full-time profession, just like any other.

More and more companies hire social media specialists to take care of their social profiles and sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. By doing so, they can delegate chores and focus on other aspects of their business.

Becoming a social media manager requires professional preparation, some personal, individual development, and the ability to adjust quickly to changes. It’s always a good idea to obtain a social management degree and put it in your CV. 

UX Design Degree

UX design is a field not so much related to business, but indirectly it can have a huge impact on sales and revenue. UX designers try to prepare user-friendly, accessible online content. 

This field is developing at an ever-quickening pace, and increasingly more people talk about it, which is why numerous companies hire UX specialists. All the processes connected with customer-company communication, customer experience, and needs are crucial for every business. 

There are courses in UX design available online, but they are usually costly, and their quality can be questionable. Pursuing a UX design degree would be a better option, as it will surely attract the attention of your future employers. To read more about UX design and its importance in modern business, click here


Choosing a business degree to pursue can be a real challenge. With so many trends and developing fields nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to decide on the exact area you want to specialize in. 

However, the field of business is so vast and complex, which means that you’ll need a whole lot of skills. Thankfully, if you are curious enough, there’s nothing stopping you from broadening your horizons and building a great career!  The only thing to do is to examine the business degree course program carefully and decide if it’s appropriate for your needs. 

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